Public Opinion on President Yoon Seok-yeol’s Administration of State Affairs during Chuseok Holiday

Public Opinion Poll Reveals Mixed Response on President Yoon’s Administration

On the first day of the holiday season, KBS News conducted a public opinion poll to gauge the public perception of President Yoon Seok-yeol’s administration. The results showed a mixed response, indicating a divide among the public regarding the performance of the state affairs.

The poll, which surveyed a diverse range of individuals, revealed that 34.6% of respondents believed President Yoon is doing a good job running the affairs of the state. However, a majority of 58.7% expressed dissatisfaction with his performance. When compared to a similar opinion poll conducted four months ago, the approval rating for President Yoon has dropped by 4.5 percentage points, reaching its lowest figure this year.

When asked to elaborate on their positive evaluation of the administration, respondents commonly highlighted the foreign policy, particularly in relation to Korea-US-Japan relations, as the main reason. On the other hand, those who expressed a negative evaluation primarily cited economic and livelihood measures as the basis for their dissatisfaction, along with concerns regarding communication with the public and the media.

Looking ahead, the poll revealed that more respondents predicted a poor performance from President Yoon for the remainder of his term. The question of strengthening security cooperation between Korea, the United States, and Japan also received mixed responses, with a higher proportion disagreeing with the idea compared to those in agreement. Similarly, President Yoon’s statement on the importance of ideology in the political direction of the country met with greater disagreement than agreement from the respondents.

Additionally, the poll delved into public sentiment towards political parties. The approval ratings for the Democratic Party of Korea and the People’s Power Party stood at 36% and 33% respectively, with the Justice Party trailing at 3.4%. More than 20% of respondents expressed no support for any political party.

This public opinion poll provides valuable insights into the public’s perception of President Yoon’s administration and political parties in Korea. It highlights the need for continuous evaluation and adaptation in order to effectively address the concerns and expectations of the citizens.

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On the first day of the holiday, the 9 o’clock news starts a little early with the Asian Games broadcast.

During the holidays, you sit around with your family and talk about food, life, and what’s going on in the world.

KBS asked people for their thoughts on Chuseok.

First, 34.6% responded that President Yoon Seok-yeol is good at running the affairs of the state.

Most people cited foreign policy as the reason for a positive evaluation, and people’s livelihood measures as the reason for a negative evaluation.

First news, this is reporter Hyeonjun Lee.


I asked about President Yoon Seok-yeol’s administration of state affairs.

34.6% responded that they ‘do well’ and 58.7% responded that they ‘do badly’.

The answer that he is doing well fell by 4.5 percentage points compared to the opinion poll carried out on the first anniversary of his inauguration four months ago.

This is the lowest figure among public opinion polls conducted by KBS this year.

It was also asked why he evaluated the administration of state affairs positively.

The most common response was ‘diplomacy, including Korea-US-Japan relations,’ followed by responses to North Korea.

Conversely, the most common reason for a negative evaluation was ‘economic and other livelihood measures’, followed by communication with the public and the media.

Regarding President Yoon’s administration of state affairs during the rest of his term, there were more responses saying that he would do poorly than expected that he would do well.

I asked if they agreed on a foreign policy direction, such as strengthening security cooperation between Korea, the United States and Japan.

The ‘I don’t sympathize’ response was higher than the ‘I agree’ response.

I also asked for my thoughts on President Yoon’s statement that “the most important thing in the political direction of a country is ideology.”

The response ‘I don’t sympathize’ was almost 13% points higher than the response ‘I agree’.

The approval ratings for political parties were within the margin of error: 36% for the Democratic Party of Korea and 33% for the People’s Power Party.

The Justice Party was 3.4%, and those who said they did not support any political party were still above 20%.

This is Hyunjun Lee from KBS News.

Graphics: Ko Seok-hoon and Park Mi-joo/video editing: Geun-hyeok Choi

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