Publication of the appeal “State Welfare Card”, poor people’s card, failed – 12 June 2023

New round of state welfare cards Announcement of the list of applicants for the “Failed” poor card already today (12 June 2023)

after the Ministry of Finance Opened for those who do not meet the criteria for considering the qualifications of the state welfare card, the poor card, can appeal their rights by May 1, the latest today (June 12, 2023) Ministry of Finance. The results of the consideration of the appeal have been published, which can be checked for the list of eligibility criteria that have failed succeeded on the website.

How to check your rights The “state welfare card” is as follows.

  1. Access the website https://government welfare or

  2. choice check registration status

  3. completeId number a date of birth

  4. press check information

  5. Does the system show a successful authentication result?

For those who file an appeal and pass the state welfare card qualifications, the new round of the poor card must verify their identity between May 27 – June 26, 2023, and the rights will start on July 1 . Khor.23, who receives a credit line retroactively no more than 3 months from April 2023 (the retroactive right of use of the Thong Fah shop is only given for the purchase credit line) if it is combined with the purchase limit of consumer goods Hydroelectricity, travel costs and gas cooking costs received a total of 2,445 baht