Pui, return the right, ask to be cleared as an embarrassing MC It’s not going well with the famous show.

The star of the force is overwhelmed?

Puh, I’ve seen it too on various pages. Some friends sent us Most of the people who go to see it have nothing. Just to point out that the MC is overwhelmed. The fact is that I have moved to other states since the time of the COVID-19. Escape from Covid to go to Anil’s house still working in the background Most of it is behind the scenes, semi-producers. If there is filming, it is in Bangkok. But if you don’t have a photo, you can watch it online.”

Go to Kamphaeng Phet to escape Covid or work there?

“Escape covid first. I have a mild congenital disease and I don’t want to take risks during its very intense phase. In addition, his girlfriend wants to take care of the grandmother who also lives there. At first I thought I would wait for 1-2 months and then it was fun. It’s been about 3 years now.”

Do you want to come back to the screen?

“If it’s a job we really want to do I think I want to come back too. Not serious about having to stick with the fact that we’ll be an MC forever, in fact we prefer to work behind the scenes more. Because we ourselves were brought up behind the scenes of work. It’s more of a creative job. There are many people who can do better than us. But the type of work that we think is better. Do it behind the scenes, have time to think.”

How long have you been together?

Anil “6 years, but we’ve known each other for about 10 years. Knowing each other, I went to sing in Dan Dara, went to auditions, we haven’t talked much for the first time. Just looking at him, why this man looks so warm? But at that time, we were both busy.”

Pooh “The second time, come out again. Like teasing each other, teasing each other When he came out on the list, there was an exchange of lines. But it was nothing but a critical conversation. At first sight, I felt that the this woman something interesting. but we didn’t think anything because I don’t want to be a monk eating chicken in the temple We have set aspirations.”

And connect?

Anil “I flirted with him. We were free when we went on the second show.”

“We’re about to be free.”

Pui, return the right, ask to be cleared as an embarrassing MC It's not going well with the famous show.

Do you know he secretly likes us?

Pooh “I know, I know but still not sure We are not fully educated. But when we started talking to each other on Line, there was a strange thing. Sometimes we go to send text to Line, and they’ll text me back and send me the same sticker. one word So I felt there was nothing out of the ordinary. You can call it fate.”

Anil “I invited Pui to drink in the restaurant where I was singing. But there is a team to go. I like that it looks warm. I saw the screen since I was a child. It looks very charming.”

Pooh “Let’s sit down to eat, there are other things. let’s talk more Some things are his problems. Some things are our problems, but we can discuss them. We can help each other as a consultant.”

Do you like?

“I think I like it. But we are still not sure if we can flirt with him or not. Or will he really like us?”

Anil was very ill after that?

Anil “a blood vessel in the brain ruptured. One in a million people can have congenital abnormal blood vessels At that time, I had an unbearable headache and I had to go to the hospital. For a moment, his eyes were absolutely hazy. Fortunately, Sirirajthan’s operation.”

Uh, “I went to see him in the hospital. I went to the nurse to sue, so I didn’t ask about my parents. Ask where is Grandpa?”

Pui, return the right, ask to be cleared as an embarrassing MC It's not going well with the famous show.

How do you take care of Pui?

Anil “It makes me feel good about him. Then I shaved my head He walked hand in hand with us without being embarrassed at all. We are normal people who shave our heads and are very unattractive. star, he doesn’t care about anyone’s eyes. He takes care of him a lot. P’ Pui has been physically rehabilitated until I can walk for a year.”

But decide not to eat chicken in the temple?

“By then, we came out too. So let’s unlock this sentence. We have left the temple.”

while being treated in hospital Do you love him more?

“Yes, there are many. As we feel that this woman’s feelings from talking to him, his words, it’s all true. We can tell the truth about everything.”

how long to take care Decided to get married?

Anil “When we care for each other, that means we are dating.”

Whew. “It’s silly. It’s not official. Start changing pronouns. Where are you going together?”

Pui, return the right, ask to be cleared as an embarrassing MC It's not going well with the famous show.

14 years apart?

“At first, I thought it was hard to tune in. because the age difference is round But when it comes to actually getting into it, it’s very easy because Anil himself is like a person who has returned to the past. He has been working since childhood, listening to old songs, getting to know old people. We don’t have to adapt They can adapt for us. while we ourselves go in search of novelty as well. There are some common bases that can go together with little adjustment.”

Anil “No, Pui is a very easy to understand person. Talking about anything is easy to understand. 14 years, I think we’ll catch up.”

come together for mutual benefit Because they know a lot of people together?

Pooh “Let’s help each other make a living. Introduce each other, support each other.”

had been married before and failed What sentence was said that made Anil numb?

Anil” is a face in social media ever Sit and eat, I can hear it.”

Whew, “He had a picture, and he did it on TV then.”

Pui, return the right, ask to be cleared as an embarrassing MC It's not going well with the famous show.

How do you comfort?

Whew, I said it was in the past. what’s wrong let it go Sometimes I use the words nobody remembers our wrong for 100 years.”

Have you ever been married with a beautiful ending?

Whew. “They can’t go on together. Ending differently, different people going their own way. They’re still good friends.”

Were you afraid to start over?

“I’m not afraid at all. Every life has a change, no matter what. If we’re afraid, we won’t know what’s changed. Then go solve the problem, what’s there for us to solve and solve ? Every problem has a solution. make the world better Some things started to change Let’s start chanting, words, criticism, and let the left ear go through the right ear.”

Anil “I’m still very new to the industry. When I’m with Pui, I start getting new comments, I cry. I have nooids, but Pui will always comfort me. To pay attention to the people we love, we don’t have to listen to other people. It’s much better now.”

I admit that it is new to meeting society. When I become a fan, we have some of these results.”

Be with him and then we fade out of the TV?

“It shouldn’t matter. Blame him, he doesn’t. I don’t think these words can do anything for us.”


Anil “He’s more of an action. He won’t talk sweet, but he takes care of everything about us.”

Do you have plans to have children?

I’ve been talking together Do you have children? I want to know what it’s like to be a child. But during the covids, I changed my mind. It wasn’t for a second.”

Anil “With the economy too It’s a lot of sickness. Besides, Pui is already 52-53, so I’ve completely changed my mind. but I want it but nothing better”

Pui, return the right, ask to be cleared as an embarrassing MC It's not going well with the famous show.

famous presenter Then one day he disappeared. Did it end well?

Pooh “Good. We’ve lived here for almost 20 years and we’ve never worked with anyone so much. Do we want to do something else? I want more freedom We do the background with the foreground too. We we grow old too. The old and the new come like the nature of every place. We go out to be free.”

decided to leave Anil gave advice?

Anil “helps to relax more how to make it less stressful Because at that time, it was really a turning point. Suggest whatever makes you happy, take it there. because it’s too old Make a decision without hesitation. because he is a very considerate person. Not quite.”

Do you regret leaving the list?

“No, I’m right there. Considered very lucky Accepting mercy, kindness, I will never forget. But we want to do something other than this. Because we’ve done this all right.”

Pui, return the right, ask to be cleared as an embarrassing MC It's not going well with the famous show.
Pui, return the right, ask to be cleared as an embarrassing MC It's not going well with the famous show.

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