Pum pui up! Being abused for surgery Hit the back with a picture before surgery

Recently, Pum Pui posted a message with a picture via Facebook, not in front of it. From the fact that netizens commented on her that “At first I like her But feel that in this life there is only sex, and fortunately, having a rich husband, a lot of sex will be ok Asked if she was beautiful Well, after the surgery, it’s beautiful. I have a rich husband. Can do anything. Have you seen pictures before the surgery? “

Pum Pui immediately hit back that “To bring others down How many centimeters does it make you taller? What I interviewed in the media Not even a quarter of my life What do you take to judge? If there were only two things in life Well, no one has to work. I am fortunate to have a good husband. Not a rich husband. Please keep in mind that it is someone who has worked since childhood. Have enough money This life never takes advantage of anyone. Even if your husband is richer I never thought that I would stop working in 2021 and stop racist surgery. Because it doesn’t make you look prettier, attach a pre-made image under the comments if you want to see it. “

With a blow with the former image of himself before surgery It was evident that she was lovable since childhood. Until the fans still couldn’t help but admire


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