“Pum Wongtawan” tells about the ghost room experience, including love-yom, a woman showing her hair, an old man.

Yesterday (29 September) Five Pongprom Sanitwong And Ayutthaya or “Pum Ta Wan”, singer, songwriter, former member Macintosh band a Wongta Wan Post a scary experience. After staying in one of the accommodation looking like an abandoned house and finding the most terrifying mystery Pa refer to it in a terrifying shot-for-shot, stating

Sri’s wife booked the accommodation for him. (Keep the name of the accommodation.) Pictures and information seen from the Internet are beautiful art in the Lanna style. She thought I would like it. The price was not high, so she kept it for two nights 28 – 29 because we had to work on the 29th and return on the 30th. Traveled from Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai at 17 o. ‘clock, we went straight to our reserved accommodation.

On arrival, they found it to be an old black wooden house which looked very dilapidated. And the first feeling that came to my head was This is clearly an abandoned house. The front area is the reception office and looks like a small mini bar. There is a stereo set up so that music is playing. Untidy and dirty, full of rubbish.

We call out… “Hello, reserve a room…” Silence… We sing again twice, three times, five times, six times… Still silence.
“Hello, is there anyone? I’m going to steal the speaker…” Silence! No one came out to welcome him as he should have.

We start exploring the front area. I walked around and saw no one, so I started walking into the part of the house. “Hello…” Still silent, I started to get tired. and make a loud noise as you walk to the end “Is there someone there? Order.” This time, the Rock was full of anger. ‘Cause it’s getting cold “Is there someone there? Order!!!!!!!!!” A tall, black-eyed man emerged from the room on the top floor on the top floor.

He walked down and pointed to a room. One person lives in this room, asked another teacher, one of the assistants who came with me. “What about my room?” Oh, the man moved forward a little, pointed his hand, “that room, there are two of them.” Then he walked back up the stairs and into the room he came out of. no reception While talking to the service provider, I thought to myself, “Huh x.. What? What service is this?”

I went into the room that was mine. (See picture) The first thing you see is a rotten banana spread out on a dirty table. I swept my eyes around. with a look It felt so strange It’s like no one has been waiting for a long time. The cursed smell floated in the atmosphere. I continued walking into the bathroom. Found a dirty wash basin. And the top of the tub was full of a lot of dirt and dust and an old nail. What is this? Obviously not cleaning for a month

Looking into the bathtub, it became even heavier. The walls at the end of the bathtub are filled with dust that should be called dirt. scattered around I started taking pictures in every corner of the room. and went out to find Note, the main disciple on the right who came together, who stayed with the next teacher previously mentioned, “Observe, how are you? room?” offered the teacher, “Come and see, there is something I want you to see.” I walked into the room The note referred to one of the tables in the room. There was a bottle of oil in the room in the bottle as if something appeared to be an object of something like “Love Yom”. The note hurried to say “Don’t catch me”

with a feeling that doesn’t make sense I have a spiritual advisor. Immediately make a video call, “Hi, I think we’re in a sensitive area”, sweeping the phone camera around…
The consultant said immediatelyOh there is a woman Dressed in ancient clothes, sitting in front of me, she is not satisfied… Look under the bed.”

Looking down… A white cloth folded under the bed and a bottle of water. We moved to the room where I was going to stay. next binoculars In the place where there was a rattan chair, at the table there was a rotten banana. “Oh, there’s an old man sitting over there… Oh, don’t look in that mirror. There was a woman crying… come out, can’t sleep here….”

We stepped back and settled outside on the courtyard in front of the house. I started taking pictures of the surroundings. while sweeping the camera The next teacher who came together looked up the stairs. open your eyes and sing “Oh my gosh, look over there, there’s a woman standing over there.” I turned around but saw nothing.

The teacher continued to sing “Oh, you see, he sticks his face out.” Then he quickly brought his huge body to cling to my arm. I don’t see anything But on the balcony are photographs of three women dressed in traditional costumes. A black cloth covers the eyes.

I thought I was hanging Somdet Jorhang from Luang Pu Sukkai and Mak Luang Pu Yai. Maybe that’s why I didn’t see what the next teacher saw. But I could feel some bad energy.
I was furious, reminiscing about the time I used to curse ghosts at GenX Academy, so I immediately snorted. “I have no problem with the souls around here. But I am not satisfied with the dishonest service of this business owner to their customers. The room is dirty and there is no care to make it clean before selling the room. And no interest in looking after customers, understand.”

I walked in and yelled at the man who was the owner or caretaker just now. “I won’t stay here anymore, the room is dirty, like it hasn’t been cleaned for months. I think you are not being fair to your customers. And we will complain to the agent on the middle page selling you the room.”

The man stood and listened. Then walk back to that room, Fak Miao! I called my wife, told her about it, and then sent her a picture. The machine warns that it failed to send … retry? I press retry.. still failed four times in a row, unable to send

I thought to myself that the money I paid for the room was given to the owners of this abandoned house. Then my group and I traveled out of that place. according to the consultant’s advice A foul stench wafted through our noses as we walked out of the car.

I continued to talk to Note and the teacher. “Whatever attracts us to come here. There must be some reason. Maybe they are suffering from something. We went to find one of these temples. Go and do merit and pour him water.” coming out of there I sent the picture again Done successfully this time

We visit Wat Lok Molee. Make merit in the gift box Pray to the Triple Gem and pour Emina water and take them out to find a new place to stay Finally, check into a guesthouse. Some things in the world are hard to explain.
personal belief So, please consider it with discretion.

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