“Pupae-Kesarin” invites you to follow “Rang Rak Prangjai” intensely

“Pupae-Kesarin” invites you to follow “Rang Rak Prangjai” intensely

Come back on the screen, Channel 7HD, immediately, the intensity of the romantic drama – investigative story “Rang Rak Prang Jai” immediately grabbed the hearts of fans of the drama. Because the story is continually intense with the mystery of the murder case This event makes the drama fans excited about the drama story. And they are eager to turn the character of the girl Pupe-Kesarin Noi Phueng, who has to play the heroine who has twins. Ket Usa-Ked Arpha by Pupae revealed the feeling of this performance that

“Now the drama fans who have been following me since the beginning. You can clearly see that Pupe’s twins in the story have very different personalities. Admittedly, it was a challenging and very difficult role for Pupe because of his acting experience. Pupe has never played a twin before. The figure of Arpa is a sweet, bright, simple and down-to-earth girl. while Usa is a sexy, fun-loving, party-loving girl, having to dress up sexy in the story what is new Because Pupe has never dressed up like this before. and have to do a lot of homework There are additional acting classes. But the most difficult twin character is Kej Arpha, because he will develop emotionally. and feeling all the time with him amnesia Emotions will develop along with memory …

… Now the drama is intense. There is a story for fans of the drama to get excited to unravel various knots, even in small spots, which are the ones that everyone can’t miss. Because it will link to the real killer in the end, plus now there are many suspects. Including the character Pupe plays is a suspect as well. Even the protagonist of the story, which is Pee Donut (Phatthaphon Dejpong Waranon), still wonders if the heroine is a murderer or not. I want everyone to follow and cheer up. Help each other win with the intense fun of the drama. together until the very end.”

Follow to watch the drama “Rang Rak Prang Chai” every Monday, Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. on Channel 7HD, press 35 and Facebook Live: Ch7HD or watch it backwards on BUGABOO.TV.

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