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New Delhi – The Center has directed public sector organizations and government offices to avoid using Chinese technology and products. Dependence on China for technological equipment should be reduced despite the advantage of being relatively cheap. The national media said that the proposal was made keeping in mind the border conflict, cyber attack etc. The Kerala government’s K-Phone project, which aims to provide internet access to all, has been criticized for using Chinese cables.

A list of sectors using Chinese technology has been prepared and the proposal has been forwarded. The warning is to limit the use of Chinese technologies in areas such as 3D printing, SCADA systems in port cranes, data technology and software. It is also proposed to avoid the import of Chinese products in the fields of nuclear energy, broadcasting, media, defence, space and communications.

The government also proposes to discourage the use of Chinese goods in critical sectors such as energy, aviation, mining, railways, health and rural transport. China supplies goods and technology to many countries globally, not only to India. It is a practice used by Chinese companies to win contracts from Indian government-public sector organizations by quoting less than others.

In order to overcome this situation, the Secretariat of the National Security Council working under the leadership of the National Security Advisor Ajit Doval had taken steps. A year-long awareness program will be organized in Ministries, Departments and Public Sector Undertakings. The risks of using Chinese products and technology are convincing. Government sources also explained that the aim is not a total ban, but to reduce the Chinese presence in key areas.


Flags of India and China.

It has been revealed that Chinese cable was used in the Kerala government’s K-Phone project, violating the tender condition requiring a made-in-India product. The main component of the OPGW cables supplied by the LS Cable company as made in India, the optical unit is imported from China. Major components accounting for 70% of the total OPGW cable cost were procured from ‘TGG China’ company. The price was about six times higher.

English Summary: Indian Government Does It Again, PSUs And Government Bodies Are Warned Of Potential Risks Associated With Chinese Investments And Technology


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