Puthiyakav Mahal ‘Nanma’ Sangam Society | Association “Nanma mahallu” meeting

Dubai: New UAE Expat Community in Thrissur District Ya ‘Nanma’ Putiyakav Mahalle Association 40th Annual and Kutumba Sanga Maw also organizing. Different arts, sports, science etc. for children and adults Noda programs were also prepared. Cooking for women happened beyond online competitions and on the King stage too.

Chelsea Team in Football Tournament and Jets Team in Volleyball Tournament Alnoor Team also won the corporate tug of war competition. Chairman of the Program Committee Ahmed Shabir Kakasse at the general meeting. A representative of the Qatar Committee inaugurated the Hamsa Wipipadam. ‘Good’ Dubai Committee Secretary General MB Abdul Salam Turning Report

Bismi Wholesale Managing Director PM Harris, Yusuf Sagir Kakassery, VH Muhammad Kunji, KR Sagir, VK Rahim (one), VH Muhammad Hussain, Adv. Jafar Khan and Basheer (MIC) spoke. General Convener of the Program Committee Adv. Taha Yusuf Swagatam and TS Treasurer Naushad also said thank you.

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