Putin calls Moscow drone ‘responsible for terrorism’

Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared that the drone attack on Moscow was an act of terrorism and has warned that there will be a response.

“Recently, Russia attacked the headquarters of Ukrainian military intelligence services, but Ukraine took a different path in response,” Putin said. “They threatened Russian and Russian citizens and attacked residential buildings, which is clear evidence of terrorist acts.”

“Ukraine’s provocation is intended to provoke a corresponding response from Russia,” he warned, “see what we can do.”

Responding to criticism that Moscow’s air defense network had been breached, President Putin said, “There are still challenges, but the air defense system was working as usual.”

On the morning of the 30th local time, Moscow was hit by a massive drone attack, damaging some apartments in the west and south-west of the city and causing injuries.

Russia said Ukraine was behind the attack, but Ukraine denied the allegations.


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