Putin is coughing and having chest pains while recording a speech on TV; Speech delayed 13 hours Vladimir Putin had a 13-hour coughing fit and chest pain before delaying his televised speech

Moscow: President Vladimir Putin has announced that Russia’s offensive in Ukraine will intensify with partial progress. During the recording of this televised speech, Putin reportedly experienced a severe cough and chest pains, which delayed the speech by 13 hours. Chuma became a villain since Putin started recording. The report was released by The Mirror.

Coughing became a problem every time he prepared to start his speech. He also said he had some chest pain. Then the doctors were called.

In his speech, Putin said that if there is a threat to the territorial integrity of our country, he will use all possible means to protect Russia and our people. Putin, who turns 70 next month, began preparations for his State of the Union address on Tuesday night, but there was no explanation for the delay. Later I realized it was the cough.

Officials in the Russian Parliament are also reported to oppose the warmer president’s decision to invade Ukraine.

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