Putin is not ready to accept Joe Biden as US elector

Mr. Vladimir Putin The Russian president said he did not accept that.Mr. Joe Biden US Presidential Candidates from Democrats Was the winner of the US presidential election becauseMr. Donald Trump Still did not accept such victory

2 weeks ago Biden has been announced as the president of the United States by several media outlets. While Mr. Trump Still did not admit that he lost the election until now They also accused of finding electoral corruption. Until ordering their teams to sue the courts in major states and states That made him lose the election

This Russian leader Revealed to Russian government television on Sunday (22 Nov) that the Russian government is ready to work with anyone who has the trust of the US.

“But that trust can only be achieved if the opposite party accepts that candidate’s victory. Or only after the election results are legally confirmed. “ Putin said.

Putin said that The decision to fail to congratulate Biden is natural without any motive behind it. It is believed that relations between Russia and the US have been destroyed.


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