Putin, Kim Jong-un, who threatened when pushed into a private corner, was no different.

Move 300,000 reserve forces and nuclear cards
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un warns of ‘nuclear strike’

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the deployment of reserve forces and waved the nuclear weapons card, marking the biggest turning point in Ukraine’s seven months tomorrow. He also announced a referendum to incorporate the four pro-Russian provinces in eastern and southern Ukraine that had been occupied since the invasion in February. As Ukraine’s counter-offensive and anti-war protests in the country have been on the defensive, turning the tide is a reckless and risky gamble. The invasion of Ukraine itself has lost its legitimacy and can only be condemned for even trying to escalate.

In a speech to the people the day before, Putin said, “I have signed a presidential decree that partially mobilizes the people, including reserve troops,” in the name of protecting Russia’s sovereignty. This is the first time since the Second World War that Russia has brought a mobilization order. The number of reserve forces that Putin ordered mobilized to secure troops in the Ukraine war reached 300,000. In addition, as Russia suggests that the number of targets for movement may increase further, the war is very likely to be protracted.

Even more worrying is that Putin said he would use “everything available to defend Russia and its people” and “if (the West) threatens nuclear weapons, the direction could change.” They used nuclear threats as an excuse to protect their own citizens. A close aide said it could use strategic nuclear weapons. Considering that Putin has claimed that he is “not lame,” and the Washington Post analyzed that “Putin has pushed the fear button and increased the nuclear risk,” the possibility of a nuclear threat cannot be ruled out. Moreover, Putin is in a difficult position after the war with Ukraine. About 10% of the occupied territory was lost, and the loss of soldiers was also great. After recruiting prisoners to be sent to the battlefield, they even ordered the mobilization of reserve forces, so you can imagine the urgency. There are reportedly sold-out flights of young Russian men trying to escape abroad to avoid conscription. The situation inside the country is also quite dire, as protests are being held in 38 cities across Russia against the mobilization order and nearly 1,400 people are being detained.

Putin’s attack on Ukraine is causing the global economy to stumble, fueling global inflation by raising grain and energy prices. The repercussions are indescribable, including the establishment of a new Cold War system and the shaking of the international order. The winter energy crisis is also predictable. Putin’s hope of stopping the invasion of Ukraine and ending the war is ‘soft wood’ (saving a fish from a tree). If the war continues for a long time, the world economy may find itself in a difficult situation to get out of. As such, the international community must devise all effective means to defeat Putin’s ambition to ‘change the status quo by force’ in advance. In a speech to the UN General Assembly yesterday, Western leaders poured in criticism of Putin, including US President Joe Biden “recklessly disregarding responsibility for the non-proliferation regime and threatening nuclear weapons.”

In particular, seeing Putin like this reminds us of the dangers of North Korea’s Kim Jong-un dictatorship. After completing preparations for the 7th nuclear test, Kim Jong-un even made a law stating that a nuclear pre-emptive strike would be carried out even if an attack was suspected, claiming that “there is no denuclearization at all.” Kim Jong-un, who committed atrocities by poisoning his half-brother and shooting his uncle to death with an anti-aircraft gun, is more insecure than Putin. If the ruthless man acquires strategic and tactical nuclear weapons that can be fired on all kinds of missiles, it is inevitable that the security situation in Northeast Asia will go into a serious disturbance. Normally you shouldn’t be on guard.

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