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“Putin” rejects the luxury palace on the Black Sea, not his own: PPTVHD36

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The latest movement on the issue of domestic protests comes as Russian President Vladimir Putin talks with student representatives from Xavidou County. Last monday Via online system

In this talk, some students ask about what happened. Including the issue of a luxurious palace located in the Black Sea area This is a hot topic that Russian society is interested in.

The Russian president denied he was the owner of the place. And didn’t even have enough time to watch the video.

The video is called “Putin’s palace. History of world’s largest bribe” or Putin’s palace. One of the World’s Biggest Frauds Published by Russia’s main opposition Alexina Walni, who has always enjoyed exposing President Putin’s ineptitude.

Navarni had been drugged several months ago. By drug users using Novichok Neuroleptic toxin invented by the Soviet Union. Usually this material is used to make chemical weapons. He nearly died before being sent to Germany for treatment, returned to Russia on January 18, and was immediately taken to the airport. After being captured His staff released this clip via YouTube.

The content is up to an hour and 52 minutes long, unfolding Putin’s corruption and bribery process. As well as luxury private property

One of the highlights is the Royal Palace on the Black Sea. Which is estimated to have spent 40,000 million baht

Inside there is a full range of entertainment. Since the casino To bars, pole dancers There is an ice skating rink, a vineyard, and from the plan there is an aquarium plan that is currently under construction.

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Navalni said the palace was an important piece of evidence of much corruption and bribery. During Putin’s time in office

When the video was released The dissatisfied Russian people gathered to protest. It appears as a picture of clashes between police officers and protesters in several cities.

Most of the protesters at the weekend saw young people. But middle-aged Russians are still seen. Which they said were fed up with Putin in power.

However, Putin stated that These protesters are insurgents. Due to lawbreaking and deliberately causing insurgency It also reminded students with whom he was talking over the distance that Do not gather with the supporters of Alexei. These Navalni

There was an issue Putin not talking about – Russian police using violence against protesters. And arrested many people

This international issue is concerned. And may consider sanctions on Russia Blame for human rights violation

Images from social media revealed how police handled protesters. Many of them were struck by clubs until the blood bathed. Before pressing himself to the ground and carried into the car In which the rally during the past weekend More than 3,000 protesters were arrested.

Yesterday (25 Jan), the foreign minister condemned the use of violence. On Monday, the European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs Joseph Borrell Fontels said it was preparing to travel to Moscow in early February. Or around next week

Joseph said the trip to Moscow was meant to send a message from the European Union to the Kremlin over the arrest of Alexei Navalny and the violent crackdown on protesters.

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In the meantime Joseph is in talks with EU representatives on a number of issues. Besides the Russian issue, the US’s new leader, Joe Biden, is another big agenda to discuss.

What does the EU say about the incident?

Yesterday it was reported that the EU was considering sanctions against Russia over human rights abuses.

One of the key pioneers was Gabrielius Landbergis. Lithuanian foreign minister pointed out that the EU should make it clear that what Russia is doing is unacceptable.

The report states that Navalny is currently still in prison in Moscow’s central prison, Matroseka Trishina. Navalni can, by law, remain in detention for up to 30 days pending trial.


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