Putin replaces Dmitry Rogozin with Yuri Borisov

Russian President Vladimir Putin has reshuffled his top officials. Yuri Borisov will take over as head of Russia’s new space corporation. Borisov was the deputy prime minister who was in charge of the arms industry.

Dmitry Rogos was removed from the head of the space agency Roscosmos. Dimitri, known as the corporation’s firebrand boss, has spoken out against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. He also made anti-Western statements. This is followed by a change.

He has repeatedly threatened to end cooperation with Western partners on the International Space Station (ISS) and other joint projects unless sanctions against Moscow are lifted. Rogozin has been serving as the head of Roscosmos since 2018.

Story Highlights: Russia has a new space chief: Putin replaces Dmitry Rogozin with Yuri Borisov

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