Putin signed a partial mobilization order… The goal is to liberate Donbass

Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued a military mobilization order.

In a speech on the 21st (local time), Putin said, “It is necessary to support the proposal of a partial mobilization order to report on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Russia and Russia,” Russian news agency TAS reported.

Regarding the recent referendums in the provinces of Donbas, Zaporiza and Kherson, he said, “Russia will support the decisions made by the people, and the goal of the ‘special military operation’ to liberate the Donbas region and protect the Russian population remains unfulfilled change. “.

If this partial mobilization order is implemented, it is expected that the forces and supplies for the Ukraine war will be forced.

Reporter Lee Young-min Bloomingbit 20min@bloomingbit.io

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