Putin’s health anomaly ‘random’… This time, he insisted on “falling down the stairs and making an underwear mistake”

Anti-Putin Telegram is the origin … Low trust and no evidence

Authoritative magazines all at once ‘distanced’… Fact-checking media urges “be careful”

Putin looks straight

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(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Jeon Myung-hun = Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ‘Health Abnormality’ is constantly brought up around the Western media.

However, the reliability of the sources of information cited is not high, so the mainstream Western media keeps a distance from the theory of health abnormality.

According to Newsweek on the 3rd (local time), the most recent rumor to emerge is that President Putin has fallen down the stairs and is incontinent.

According to this channel, President Putin fell down the stairs of his official residence in a bad mood after receiving a report on the economic damage caused by sanctions and the situation in the field which was far below the target When it was hit directly, he could not stand the pain and unknowingly dropped feces into his underwear.

The channel even presented specific circumstances, such that the medical staff of the official residence took President Putin to the bathroom and washed him before being able to treat him.

On this day, the British tabloids The Sun and Mirror, and the popular American New York Post quoted this channel and reported heavily on rumors about President Putin’s health problems.

However, he urged fact-checking journalists such as Snobs and Newsweek to be careful when identifying posted content as fact by using the channel as a source.

General SVR claims to be run by a former Russian intelligence agent with connections in Putin’s aides, but offers no evidence. On this day, no evidence was presented to President Putin’s fecal incontinence.

Previously, most of the rumors about President Putin’s pancreatic cancer, cancer surgery, early diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, and diagnosis of schizophrenia often referred to the claims of the General SVR channel.

Meanwhile, rumors about President Putin’s health have persisted, but concrete evidence is rarely presented.

When President Putin showed a slightly uncomfortable pose or facial expression in public, there were many cases where rumors about his health spread around the tabloids.

The health discrepancies have been maintained for a long time because public interest in President Putin has increased so much since the war, but influential media such as the New York Times (NYT), CNN, and the Guardian are taking a stand very careful reporting the health anomalies.

In May, defense and security expert Michael Clark, former director of the Royal Joint Military Institute (RUSI) in the UK, commented on President Putin’s health anomalies, saying, “From the pictures, it’s impossible to tell whether he has Parkinson’s disease or cancer.” health anxiety patients,” he noted.

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