Putin’s ‘mobilisation order’ triggers start of conscription…

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‘I will send 300,000 to the battlefield in Ukraine’

This is the largest since the Second World War.

After Russian President Putin stole the mobilization order, full-scale conscription began in Russia.

Videos of conscripts appear as teenagers and leave their families being released.

The march from escaping Russia to escaping coercion is also getting longer.

Reporter Park So-hee.

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A family hugging each other across a fence.

A father gets on the conscription bus and kisses his son outside the window.

The girl who has to leave her father can’t stop crying.

Russia plans to recruit 300,000 men for the first time since World War II.

In the Far East, soldiers board a military transport plane.

Russian state-owned enterprises began distributing conscription notices, and the Russian military said more than 10,000 people had volunteered to enlist within the first day of the conscription order.

[블라디미르 푸틴/러시아 대통령]

“We are talking about partial removal, which means that only citizens who are currently in reserve will be eligible for conscription.”

Although the Russian military has stated that first priority is currently needed for riflemen and tankers and artillery drivers, there are also rumors that people with no military experience are also being conscripted, and videos of conscripts who look like young people in their teenagers are divided.

At the Russian border, the march to escape coercion is getting longer.

“Everyone is running away from Russia.”

In Kazakhstan, Finland, and Georgia, which are connected by land to Russia, the number of vehicles leaving Russia has increased, especially on the Georgian border, with a 5km line.

Flights to countries where visa-free evacuation is possible, such as Armenia and Turkiye, are sold out, and anti-war protests in Russia are escalating, causing chaos everywhere.

“Against war!”

Concerns about possible escalation are once again adding to tension in Ukraine.

[볼로디미르 젤렌스키/우크라이나 대통령]

“Resist, fight, run away or surrender to the Ukrainian police forces. This is the condition for your survival.”

President Zelensky, who delivered an unusual Russian-language speech, appealed for the rejection of conscription, saying that 55,000 Russian soldiers had been killed in the last six months.

This is Sohee Park from MBC News.

Video Editing: Kim Hyunguk

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