Putin’s Super Drone: How Dangerous Can It Get?

Drones decide wars, this has been evident for a good 20 years now. They have also been used in the Ukraine war. Now Putin has presented his own drone. And she surprises. Admittedly, the news that Russian ruler Vladimir Putin has developed his own drone for his army sounds very threatening at first. So far, the military has mainly relied on drones from Iran. A news agency said to be close to the Kremlin has now published images of a drone developed by Russia. It doesn’t look very professional.”I’m sure we’ll have a whole family of drones in the near future.” This is what the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, said in an interview with the state news agency Tass. However, the drone now presented looks less like a combat drone than a cargo drone that could, for example, take over supplies. It is also conceivable that injured people could be transported from the front in the luggage compartment that can be seen in the pictures. 250 kg and 200 km/h According to information from a Russian news agency, the drone should be able to fly 600 kilometers and carry 250 kg. In addition, it should reach a speed of up to 200 km/h. Experts interpret the possible use of this drone as a sign of weakness. Helicopters are actually the best way to deliver supplies because they don’t need a runway and can be navigated with pinpoint accuracy. Parachute jumps possibleThe drone is scheduled to make its first flights in April. It is equipped with radar systems as well as optical, cartographic and other surveillance systems. Initial tests are currently being carried out with the device, but so far only on the runway. The news agency writes that parachute jumps are also possible from the drone.