Putin’s two-step operation also risks destroying the Ukrainian army Infrastructure attack is a step before ending the war and US military experts (1/4) | JBpress (JBpress)

Infrastructure attacks are a precursor to ending war, US military experts say

Russia changes strategy to attack Ukraine’s energy infrastructure (October 31, Credit: State Emergency Service of Ukraine / Reuters / Aflo)

The military attack in Ukraine by Russian forces continues.

In the past, strategic infrastructure (military forces and military installations) was the main target, but recently there has been a change in strategy, with civilian energy facilities, communications infrastructure, and transport facilities being targeted.

Across Ukraine, power shortages are already occurring as power plants and infrastructure facilities attacked by Russian forces are rushed to be restored.

Widespread power outages at this time of year could force many residents to cross the border from Ukraine to European countries, unable to withstand sub-zero temperatures.

According to Michael Whitney, a US journalist familiar with the matter, “the objective of Russian military operations is to undermine the ability of the Ukrainian army to wage war.”

“The power grids, railways, fuel supply facilities and command and control centers currently under attack are only the first phase of two phases designed to end the war quickly.

Vladimir Putin’s first step aims to launch a missile strike on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, causing a massive blackout, he said.

The attacks, which have already continued overnight, have caused power cuts across large parts of Ukraine.

Putin then read that President Volodymyr Zelensky would participate in bilateral talks.

But Mr Zelensky stubbornly rejects diplomacy at every opportunity and chooses to fight against Russia.

The decision is also supported by government officials in Washington.

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