PYLON gains 2 new jobs to support the new high backlog Confident that this year’s income is 1.3 billion baht.

Chanet Sangarayakul Dr President Pylon Public Company Limited or PYLON He revealed that the overview of the last curve of 2022, the construction industry trend began to recover, the investment atmosphere of entrepreneurs became more active, positive for PYLON, with the company still focused on receiving new projects. came in continuously in the past Recently, I received good news from 2 big projects with a total value of about 700 million baht, resulting in a strong backlog of about 1,586 million baht, which is the highest level in the company’s history. The proportion of jobs in the private sector is 62%, and government jobs 38%.

“This year, we are considered to have passed the lowest point. It is expected that the income for the year 2022 will be 1,200-1,300 million baht, believing that the situation will continue to improve. and assessing the business prospects for 2023 should be better than this year The company still has a bid for a major project next year and believes it will continue to find new jobs to add to the portfolio, such as high-speed rail connecting 3 airports. There is still uncertainty about the construction schedule. But other new projects Most of them started construction at the end of the fourth quarter,” said Dr Chanet.

In terms of the overall picture of the construction industry in 2023, both public and private jobs are expected to recover. Private sector mixed-use projects continue to invest. As for the high-rise condominium project, it should improve gradually according to the overall picture of the industry. The company continues to apply for new work. continuously believe in the potential that the company has the opportunity to get more jobs in the government sector and the private sector

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