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Qatar – Ecuador joins former Santostrophe star and MP Asst. Commander P Habib Rahman evaluates

In the first match of the World Cup, it can be said that the hosts Qatar held their own against the strong Ecuador. Otherwise the score would have been higher. Qatar can take pride in narrowly narrowing down the game which was expected to be lost by a wide margin. Let them perform well in the upcoming games.

There was a good performance in Ecuador. Ecuador will play an attacking game with long passes challenging other teams. Enner Valencia played the role of the hero beautifully. In the third minute, Valencia put the ball in the net with a good header, but it was ruled offside in the VAR check. It was realized from the opening ceremony that Qatar has prepared the best organization for the World Cup. It is also a matter of pride that the Malayalis have a major role in the organization. It is difficult to predict the champions without a first round match. Argentina is my favorite team. The hope is that Argentina will come back with good teamwork and come back with the World Cup.

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