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Qatar has informed India that it has not officially invited controversial religious preacher Zakir Naik to participate in the opening of the FIFA World Cup in Doha. A report in the Hindustan Times stated that third countries are deliberately spreading misinformation with the intention of damaging India-Qatar bilateral relations.

India had informed Qatar that it would reconsider Vice President Jagdeep Dhankar’s participation in the FIFA World Cup opening ceremony if Zakir Naik was invited. But Jagdeep Dhankar attended the opening ceremony on Sunday. He returned from Qatar the next day. Qatar’s official response came after this. Qatari authorities also said that Naik had arrived in Doha for a personal visit.

Controversial religious preacher Zakir Naik left India in 2016 and moved to Malaysia, where he has taken up permanent residency, according to reports. India had asked Malaysia to release him.

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In late 2016, India declared the Islamic Research Foundation (IRF), headed by Zakir Naik, illegal. The ban was accused of promoting enmity and hatred between different sects and religious groups. In March this year, the Union Home Ministry declared the IRF an illegal organization and banned it for five years.

Zakir Naik rose to fame in the 1990s through his religious sermons. Through the Islamic Research Institute, he appealed to people to convert to Islam. Zakir Naik is also the founder of Peace TV. The channel has more than 100 million viewers.

At the opening ceremony of this year’s World Cup, a man who came on stage with Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman caught everyone’s attention. That star was Ghanim Al Mufta, Qatar’s World Cup ambassador. Mufta suffers from a rare disease called caudal regression syndrome, which causes the lower half of the body to develop, which includes the spine, limbs, bladder and intestines. He is known as a social influencer and motivational speaker. Muhtab shared a message of diversity and inclusion by reciting verses from the Qur’an. The pictures of Morgan Freeman listening to him attentively also attracted attention.

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