‘Qatar World Cup 2022’ MBC has ambitiously prepared the new World Cup

MBC, the ‘famous football exchange’ that charmed the front row of home rooms with comfortable exchanges, [2022 카타르월드컵]Through this, a new exchange pattern is introduced.

A luxurious combination that has returned to its original business! Caster Kim Seong-joo and commentator Ahn Jung-hwan. And commentator Seo Hyung-wook plans to present a lively World Cup qualifier in Qatar. In particular, commentator Ahn Jung-hwan, who commented on the third World Cup following 2014 Brazil and 2018 Russia, said, “My goal is to broadcast with the players,” so you can expect a sincere commentary from commentator Ahn Jung-hwan this time too. On the 21st, starting with the opening match between Qatar and Ecuador, the group stage and big games in Korea! Let’s fall into the magic of football provided by three people.

In addition, MBC will show various programs such as preview shows and highlights during the tournament, including the opening special ‘Dreams Come True’ to announce the start of Qatar’s World Cup football tour. Every night, in the Qatar World Cup preview ‘Catharsis’, which analyzes the matches to be held that day, local news of the national team and an analysis of the strength of each match! It is expected to deliver World Cup ‘catharsis’ to viewers. Announcers Park Yeon-kyung and Lee Hwi-joon will host the show, along with broadcaster Alberto and LOONA Hyunjin, and soccer players Park Joo-ho and Lee Yong. Commentator Park Chan-woo and football reporter Kim Hwan team up to tell a variety of football stories.

Every morning, through the highlight of the Qatar World Cup ‘Morning Goal’, you can see the exciting game and the touching moment that unfolded last night again. Through ‘Today’s Morning Goal’, the best goal of the previous game will be selected, and the ‘Korea Catalog’ will present the latest news about Bentoho.

On the other hand, the Qatar World Cup is also held in the virtual world. MBC will team up with ‘Sandbox Network’, which includes a number of creators such as Dotty, Byung-jae Yoo, and Jonathan, to present a virtual world cup that has never existed in the world using the metaverse. Various virtual spaces were created on the next-generation game platform, Roblox, such as the Qatar World Cup stadium, players’ locker rooms, and MBC sports relay seats. During the World Cup, it is recommended to experience the new fun of the World Cup by crossing the metaverse and the real world.

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar will begin with the opening match on November 21st and run until December 19th. The new never-before-seen World Cup, you can watch it on MBC.

iMBC Yoo Jung-min | Photo courtesy of MBC

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