Qatar World Cup; FIFA will not sell alcohol at match venues

FIFA will not sell alcohol in stadiums where World Cup football matches will be held in Qatar. The final decision in this regard was made after discussions between Qatari authorities and FIFA officials. Liquor is only available at licensed venues and at Fan Festivals.

FIFA’s decision, which came just two days before the start of the World Cup matches, is a setback for football lovers from foreign countries. Qatar is a country with a strict ban on public consumption of alcohol. Budweiser, also owned by major beer maker AB InBev, is one of the main sponsors of the World Cup.

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The position of the Qatar government which does not allow the sale of alcohol in and around the stadiums is also an obstacle for FIFA. FIFA has a deal worth crores of rupees with Budweiser. Budweiser’s plan was to sell alcoholic beer at the ticket counters of each of the eight stadiums three hours before and one hour after each game. With the new decision, they will have to abandon this plan now.

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Following negotiations between the host country’s authorities and FIFA, Qatar has decided to remove alcohol sales points from the site of the World Cup stadiums. “Alcohol will be sold at the FIFA Fan Festival and fan centers and other licensed venues,” a FIFA spokesman said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Budweiser has announced that its non-alcoholic beer will be sold at the stadium site. Qatar is a country where visitors cannot bring alcohol even from airport duty free shops.

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