qatar world cup twentyfour flex in malapuram

The country and the city are in a world cup football frenzy. There is no dearth of excitement in Thirurangadi, Malappuram. Huge crowds were already on the highway announcing Argentina as the winner. But this flex has something special because like Argentina Twentyfour is their favorite too. (qatar world cup twentyfour flex in malapuram)

Argentina fans in Thirurangadi, Malappuram have shown how the results of the final day of the World Cup will be in flux on the Twenty4 Screen. World Cup Qatar to Argentina. Argentina won by defeating Brazil by one goal. Lionel Messi as the star of the game. This is the text in Flux that you are going to see children on the news screen 24 that day.. Flux was prepared by a team called Argentina Fans Karumbil.

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The presentation of Twentyfour is different from other channels, that’s why we presented Twentyfour Screen as Flux, the fan responded on the fans of Argentina.

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