Qiao Shuai’s preliminary list was revealed to be 24 people. Shen Zijie and Sun Minghui missed the selection due to injuries.

Original title: Qiao Shuai preliminary list revealed to be 24 people, Shen Zijie and Sun Minghui missed the selection due to injuries

According to the news on January 21, media person Shao Huaqian revealed in a radio program that the new foreign head coach of the men’s basketball team, Joel Jevic, has 24 people in the preliminary coaching list.

Djordjevic’s initial training list is understood to have 24 people. In addition to the final 18 people selected, it also includes Shen Zijie, Sun Minghui, He Xining, Gu Quan, Fu Hao and Fan Ziming.

Among them, Shen Zijie (shoulder injury) and Sun Minghui (back injury) had to rest for treatment because they played with injuries for a long time in the second stage of the regular season. Two of the remaining players were selected as substitutes outside the 18-man training list to deal with some unforeseen situations, and the final formation was actually an 18+2 list.Return to Sohu to see more


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