[Qin Peng live broadcast]U.S. boycotts Winter Olympics, CCP threatens to retaliate with Russia stabbing 2 times | Boycotts Beijing Winter Olympics | Russia | India

[Epoch Times December 07, 2021]Hello, everyone, it is December 6th (Monday) Eastern Time, and December 7th (Tuesday) Beijing Time. Welcome to chat about current affairs every day. I am Sydney (Wang Yuhe); I am Qin Peng. (Qin Peng live broadcast)

Today’s focus: the United States officially announced its diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics, and more sanctions will come intensively; why does the White House act at this time? How will the CCP retaliate? The front door rejected the tiger, the back door accepted the wolf, and Russia stabbed the CCP twice in the Indo-Pacific.

Sydney: The White House officially announced today that it is a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics. After discussing for so long, why did the White House choose to act at this time? It is expected that a series of US sanctions against the CCP will come. Prior to this, the CCP threatened to retaliate against this. Next, how will the two sides fight fiercely?

Qin Peng: Although Russian President Putin recently announced that he will participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics, Russia’s recent actions seem to be rudely saying no to the CCP, including the military cooperation negotiated by Putin’s visit to India, which has attracted worldwide attention, and Russia. Help Indonesia exploit the resources of the South China Sea.

The U.S. announced a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the CCP’s threat of retaliation will escalate?

Sydney: The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the media have been very busy recently. After the United States announced that it would host the Global Democracy Summit and invited the Taiwan authorities, they were very angry. They tried to scold the United States every day. The Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng even said without hesitation. The introduction of “China is a well-deserved democracy” has caused an uproar on the Internet.

The CCP claims that “China is a well-deserved democracy” makes an international joke

Our viewers should remember that our program talked about how the independent candidates for more than a dozen local people’s congress deputies in Beijing were harassed by the CCP authorities and had to give up running for the election under the threat of their lives. We also recalled that Shen Jilan, the evergreen tree of the Chinese Communist Party, once clearly stated that he does not communicate with voters because “we rely on democratic elections, and your communication is not appropriate.” Therefore, it dare to be called a democratic country, and the world is in an uproar, even the Chinese netizens themselves are in an uproar.

Qin Peng: Well, in a country where “democracy” and “freedom” are both sensitive words on the Internet, and the people are not allowed to say it, and if you say that they may be invited to drink tea, Foreign Minister Le Yucheng even said without embarrassment, “Democracy is good or not, the people I know it best.” That’s not even counted. The Chinese Communist Party actually published a white paper “Democracy in China” on the 4th, which really made the outside world admire their thick-skinned faces. No one can match both at home and abroad.

Sydney: The Chinese Communist Party’s official media have not been idle. They have published articles on the Internet advocating how the Chinese Communist Party is democratic and how the United States is undemocratic. However, if they are not careful, they overturned and were ridiculed by Chinese netizens.

On the 5th, the People’s Daily of the Communist Party of China published an article on Weibo, “A picture starts from the bottom! The “Seven Immersions of American Democracy” turned out to be very embarrassing. The commentary was overturned, and a large part of it was full of curses. Let’s look at the comments directly. “You send this report to all parts of the world to see what the reaction is. It’s just 50 steps of laughter.” “Who elected the NPC deputies? You voted?” “Take care of yourself.”

“Does the “People’s Daily” represent the Chinese people or the American people, so it pays attention to the American people’s well-being. It is better to pay more attention to the Chinese people, pay more attention to the dark side of the country, exercise the supervision power of the media, and urge improvement.”

“Rich people, officials, look at where their children go, and where a large percentage of 985 and 211 graduates go, it is clear that facts speak louder than words.”

Qin Peng: “The People’s Daily, which produces 130,000 catties of wheat per mu, is the most democratic! Haha!”

“The editor has a snack bar. Netizens are not easy to fool around, and the car overturned again. Everyone is not a fool. They say that the United States is bad every day, but all those who have the power and money run over there.”

“I actually made a comment. It’s a rare democracy.”

“Let go of commenting on this fig leaf, you are nothing, every day in the United States, don’t you know what your people are doing?”

Sydney: Of course, it seems that the editor of “People’s Daily” did not keep up with the work at the time. After sorting out a few comments, it was obvious that there was more “positive energy”. There is only a message like this: “It’s so beautiful. It is recommended to post a variety of text versions to facilitate the people of the world to read.” (Qin Peng live broadcast)

However, this actually tells us that the so-called support from the people, before the censorship of speech, what the real situation is like.

Qin Peng: The most fun and ridiculous thing is that the CCP has been criticizing the Anglo-American democracy adopted by major countries in the world as evil. For example, the CCP’s Zhongnanhai “national teacher” Jin Canrong once said in a public speech that “democracy and freedom are poison.” “It’s a cult,” but the CCP has written these two words into the core values ​​of socialism. Now in order to scold the United States, the CCP’s deputy foreign minister has turned the other way around and advocated that the CCP is the largest democratic regime. It is really schizophrenic.

We might as well appreciate Jin Canrong’s speech at that time.

Sydney: Jin Guoshi’s speech was made in September last year, which is obviously different from the “full-process democracy” that Xi Jinping is now vigorously advocating. No wonder netizens said, should the CCP punish Jin Canrong or Le Yucheng first? this is a problem.

The United States Announces a Diplomatic Boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics

Of course, apart from scolding fake democracy in the United States, what the CCP is most worried about these days is that the U.S. takes the lead in boycotting the Beijing Winter Olympics. In the past few days, it has also been shouting and scolding. As a result, what the CCP is most worried about today finally comes:

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said at a regular meeting on Monday that the U.S. government will not send diplomats or officials to attend the Beijing Winter Olympics due to the Chinese Communist government’s genocide, crimes against humanity, and other human rights persecutions. This is the so-called “diplomatic boycott.” Let’s take a look at what she said.

White House Press Secretary Psaki: “We will not send a U.S. delegation to send a clear message: In the case of human rights persecution, we cannot proceed step by step and deal with them normally. This is not the correct state that it should be.”

Psaki said that the United States has informed its allies of its decision. In addition, the United States does not want to punish athletes who have trained hard for many years for boycotting the CCP, so American athletes can still participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Qin Peng: Psaki also said that the White House hopes to send a “clear message” that the CCP’s human rights violations mean that it cannot be “business as usual.”

At present, boycotting the Beijing Winter Olympics has become the consensus of the two parties in the United States. We said long ago that the United States will definitely boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics diplomatically. Moreover, the United States clearly stated that it resisted the persecution of human rights under the rule of the Chinese Communist Party. At the same time, it clearly stated that it would support the national athletes to participate. In this way, the government, the country, and the people are clearly distinguished. It is the Chinese Communist Party who resists and encourages non-governmental competition, interaction and exchanges. This makes the CCP’s face even more disconcerting.

Sydney: Yes, but when Lithuania officially announced its diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics on the 2nd, Lithuanian parliamentarians also called on athletes to “show their civic positions” and not to participate in “puppet shows under the command of the authoritarian regime.”

Now the World Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) has also announced the suspension of competitions in China as a non-governmental organization and athlete.

In addition, it is worth thinking about that the United States chose to announce the time point for its boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics. Just this morning, the US media also said that the White House will announce a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics this week, so many people believe that it will most likely be announced on Wednesday. However, unexpectedly soon, it was announced at noon today. Qin Peng, why do you think it is?

Qin Peng: I think this time is very particular. If we don’t announce it sooner or later, we see that the Global Democracy Summit will take place in the United States in three days. The CCP was excluded from this summit, and Taiwan was invited. Therefore, at this time, the United States announced its diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics due to the Chinese Communist Party’s human rights issues. It echoed the three major themes of this year’s Democracy Summit, “Fight against Authoritarianism,” “Fight Corruption,” and “Promote Respect for Human Rights.” This is clear to the world. It clearly shows that the goal of this democracy summit, although not explicitly stated, is to target the true tyranny of corruption and false democracy without human rights like the CCP.

From the time point of view, three days in advance, the participating countries in the world have enough time to make a statement and allow allies to make preparations. In the past few days, as the events have fermented, sanctions and counter-sanctions are also more conducive to the two days of 9-10, during the democratic summit, the participating countries will think about three major themes together.

Sydney: Well, in the past few days we are worth paying attention to what other major sanctions the United States will take. Because the spokesperson of the US Treasury Department said last Friday (December 3) that a series of sanctions will be announced this week, highlighting the convening of the US Democracy Summit. Mainly sanctions those who engage in corruption, serious violations of human rights and undermining democracy. Obviously, among the targets of sanctions, there should be no shortage of CCP officials who are corrupt and engage in live organ harvesting and other crimes against humanity.

Qin Peng: Well, even I think this time the democracy summit is aimed at the CCP. If officials from other countries are sanctioned, they will be tied up.

The CCP tries to find some face for itself

Sydney: However, we have also noticed that the CCP has been trying to find some face for itself over the past few days. On the one hand, it gives itself an excuse to step down. It depends on whether or not the United States will come to the Winter Olympics. On the other hand, they threatened the United States in a stern and stern voice.

On Monday (December 6), the spokesman of the Chinese Communist Party’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Zhao Lijian, said that the US politicians continued to hype up the diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics without being invited. They were completely sentimental and sensational. But it is contradictory to say that if the United States insists on boycotting the Winter Olympics, China will take resolute countermeasures. Qin Peng, what countermeasure do you think the CCP will do?

Qin Peng: I think the CCP certainly dare not directly impose sanctions on U.S. diplomatic officials. Judging from the information disclosed by the media, the U.S. advocates diplomatic boycotts including Speaker of the House of Representatives Pelosi, and the White House has reached an agreement. President Biden I personally said that the United States is considering doing this.

So, this time it was a whole-of-government action by the United States. I don’t think the CCP would dare to directly sanction Biden, Brinken, Pelosi, and so on. Of course, Zhao Lijian said it, and the CCP may just find a small target to strike a blow and vent its anger.

Sydney: Yes, the United States is also uniting its international allies. It has been reported that the members of the “Five Eyes Alliance”, plus the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, should act together to diplomatically boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics. Therefore, more countries will follow suit and formally announce a boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics. This will be a very heavy blow to the face-saving CCP. Even before news broke that Switzerland, a neutral country, and Germany, an old friend of the Chinese Communist Party, might be boycotting it.

German foreign minister-designate does not rule out diplomatic boycott

In an interview with the media last week, Belbok, the foreign minister-designate of the German Green Party, stated that he would implement a “values”-oriented foreign policy and would not rule out the possibility of a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics. As a result, the Chinese Embassy in Germany warned “individual German politicians” not to overemphasize the differences between the two countries and rise to the level of institutional competition.

Qin Peng: When the relationship between the two countries is at a delicate moment, threatening the first female foreign minister is not a wise decision. I am afraid it will only add fuel to the fire and backfire.

The CCP thinks that its threats are effective, and it often does this kind of mischief. The Foreign Ministry’s war-wolf style will force more and more countries that still want to remain neutral or do not want to lead the way in confronting the CCP. Make a tough stance towards the CCP. This level of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is really the Ministry of Severance of Diplomatic Relations.

Sydney: However, if the CCP’s countermeasures are to impose sanctions on American companies, is it possible?

Qin Peng: I don’t think the CCP will either. The CCP still hopes that the American Chamber of Commerce will help the CCP do its work behind the scenes. At the end of last month, when the Vice Foreign Minister Xie Feng held a video conference with American business organizations, Xie Feng also asked the other party to speak out to promote the United States to pursue a rational and pragmatic China policy, stop fighting trade wars, industrial wars, and technological wars. Create values, ideologies, and geopolitical confrontations and conflicts, push the Biden administration to abolish additional tariffs on China, and stop suppressing and sanctions on Chinese companies.

Therefore, I don’t think the CCP will sanction these companies. As a result, the CCP’s countermeasures are actually very narrow.

Who is Putin’s visit to India aimed at?Russia makes up for the CCP by 2 dollars

Sydney: Then we saw that the CCP has been trying to please Russia, and now it seems that it has given the CCP a slap in the face. Although Russian President Vladimir Putin recently announced that he would participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics, at the same time, two things he did should make the CCP jump with anger.

One is Putin’s visit to India to negotiate military cooperation, and the other is that Russia wants to help Indonesia extract oil in the territorial disputes between the South China Sea and the CCP.

The first one we saw was the “cyclone visit” of Russian President Putin to India on the 6th. The two countries held the 21st India-Russia Summit and the first 2+2 dialogue. Not only that, but also reached a series of cooperation agreements. , To further strengthen the “Preferential Strategic Partnership.”

Qin Peng: Although the CCP’s media focused Putin’s visit on Russia’s attempt to reshape the trilateral relationship between the United States, Russia and India, and the attempt to resolve the four-party talks between the United States, Japan, India and Australia that encircled the CCP, this interpretation is no matter what. It is impossible to explain the purpose of the 2+2 talks between the two foreign ministers and defense ministers, especially in the context of the continued antagonism of Sino-Indian relations and the intensification of border conflicts. The meeting between the two defense ministers is obviously not as simple as selling a little Russian weapon to India. It is even more obvious who the two parties are cooperating to prevent.

Sydney: Yes, the military confrontation on the Sino-Indian border has not eased since last year. The Indian media also pointed out directly that the weapons that India purchased from Russia this time will be deployed on the southern border of Tibet to respond to the threat of the CCP.

The key topic this time is the five S-400 missile defense systems that Russia has delivered to India. India signed a $5.43 billion contract with Russia in 2019 to purchase these five S-400 surface-to-air missile systems.

Qin Peng: This is one of the most advanced missile defense systems in the world. It can strike 80 targets at the same time. It poses a great threat to the Chinese Communist Party’s missiles and J-20 fighters. Such a system, sold by Russia to India, was obviously used to help India defend against attacks from the CCP and Pakistan.

In sharp contrast, in 2014, the CCP applied to Russia for the purchase of this missile defense system, while India only applied for the purchase of the S-400 in 2018. The contract was signed four years later than the CCP. As a result, India was the first to get it. The root cause is that the CCP was indefinitely postponed because of spies interfering with Russia’s internal affairs. This shows that the quality of the so-called “comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation” between China and Russia is far from adequate. In addition to gilding, it is actually the essence of rusty copper.

Sydney: This meeting has also promoted a lot of military relations between India and Russia. On the 6th, the two sides also signed an agreement to purchase 600,000 AK-203 assault rifles from India, authorizing India to directly produce these rifles.

In addition, the terms of the agreement between the two parties also include “reciprocal logistics exchange”, allowing the Indian and Russian forces to mutually use each other’s bases and logistics support facilities. A senior Indian official revealed that an agreement would allow Russian naval vessels to refuel at Indian coastal ports and use naval bases in the Indian Ocean in the event of accidents and other emergencies. On the other hand, the Indian Navy will also be able to obtain refueling support from Russian naval ships and be able to fight near the Russian Far East.

Qin Peng: So, it can be seen that Putin is a long-sleeved dance between China, the United States and India, trying to maximize profits. He is not an “old friend” advocated by the CCP. Selling the most important weapons to India also shows that Russia has been guarding against the CCP, including the fact that the CCP and the Taliban in Afghanistan are eyeing each other. It also makes Russia jealous.

Sydney: Yes, today, the BBC quoted Michael Kugelman, deputy director of the Wilson Center, a Washington think tank, as saying that Russia and India will work on areas where they seek cooperation, including Afghanistan.

In addition, what Russia has recently done that makes the CCP angry but dared not to happen, also includes Russia’s need to help Indonesia to extract oil in the waters of territorial disputes with the CCP.

At the end of June this year, Indonesia performed drilling operations at the “Tuna Block” (TUNA BLOCK) in the “North Natuna Sea”, the southernmost tip of the South China Sea, and it continued until November. Indonesia’s move caused dissatisfaction and protests from the CCP, claiming that the area belongs to the nine-dash line and is Chinese territory. But Indonesia’s response is that it is Indonesia’s sovereign right, and drilling work will never stop.

As a result, the Russian state-owned energy giant “Overseas Oil Company” (ZARUBEZHNEFT) happened to own half of the tuna block. Russian media reported that the two exploratory wells dug in the tuna block this time were all funded by “overseas oil companies.” That is, it was Russia who helped Indonesia to do this.

Qin Peng: The Russian state-owned oil company is obviously taking food from the CCP. I also noticed that this “overseas oil company” took over the entire offshore oil and gas exploration business in Vietnam from another Russian state-owned oil company “Ross Petroleum” this year. The CCP once protested against the “Ross Petroleum Company” for Vietnam’s exploration in the South China Sea.

What’s amazing? “Ross Petroleum” is the main supplier of Russian oil in the Chinese market and has a lot of business in China. But the “overseas oil companies” that continue to help Indonesia and Vietnam develop have no business connection with China. Therefore, I suspect that the Russian government led by Putin backed the two Russian state-owned oil companies and exchanged equity. The two divided labor: one continued to do business with the Chinese Communist Party and sell high-priced oil and gas to China, and the other Continue to make a fortune in the South China Sea.

Sydney: Yes. Both of these are Russian state-owned companies. It is impossible to say that the Russian government has not done anything behind the scenes. In fact, when Vietnamese President Nguyen Xuan Phuc visited Moscow a few days ago, Kudriashov, president of the “Overseas Oil Company”, also participated in Putin’s talks with Nguyen Xuan Phuc. The leaders of Russia and Vietnam all decided to strengthen the energy cooperation between the two countries and also signed relevant agreements.

The outside world has noticed that Russia’s cooperation with Vietnam to extract oil in the South China Sea began as early as 40 years ago during the Soviet era. Now, after Vietnam, Russia’s re-entry into Indonesia also shows that Russia’s ambitions are for greater interests. It is not helping the CCP assert its territorial sovereignty over the South China Sea.

Qin Peng: Yes. Russian scholar Rokshin said that Russia does not support China in South China Sea affairs as some outsiders have imagined. Russia only supports countries in the region to resolve disputes on their own.

Moreover, it is intriguing that Russia and Indonesia are also strengthening cooperation in other areas. For many years, Russia has been actively selling Su-35 fighter jets and other weapons and equipment to Indonesia. Russia and Indonesia are jointly taking the lead and just held the first joint maritime military exercise between Russia and ASEAN.

Sydney: The feeling is that the CCP happily announced at the front door that Putin will participate in the Beijing Olympics. Putin cooperated with the CCP’s opponents in the interests of the CCP’s opponents at the back door, and directly targeted the CCP’s sovereignty and security issues. It made up two dollars. No wonder Putin said that Russia and China are not allies.

Qin Peng: Putin’s words debunked the essence of the Sino-Russian relationship that the CCP has always advocated: The CCP actually bought an opponent with a lot of money. On the one hand, Russia and the CCP played military exercises and supported each other in the Winter Olympics, while the other side took advantage of various opportunities to eat away. At the same time, China’s interests are also guarding against the CCP with related countries.

The CCP actually knows it well, but for the sake of the party’s face and its internal advocacy of international support and intimidation of the people, it has always broken its teeth. It is transferred to the Chinese people. Although Russia wants China’s interests, it has always asked for a change in the rule of the CCP. Therefore, the CCP has always been anti-American and not anti-Russian.

Sydney: This kind of wonderful relationship can only be achieved by a traitorous regime like the CCP.

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