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[Qin Peng live]Chinese scientists uprising?Thesis Slap Shi Zhengli | Virus Traceability | Wuhan Institute of Virology

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[EpochTimesMay292021]Hello, audience friends, today is May 28 in Eastern Time, and May 29 in Beijing, Hong Kong and Taiwan time. Today I will do this show for you with Iris.

Today’s focus: Chinese scientists uprising? Three internal papers of Wuhan Institute of Virology were exposed, revealing Shi Zhengli’s biggest lie! The United States Association Claims II Act was promulgated, establishing a 9‧11 investigation team and allowing the Chinese Communist Party to be prosecuted.

At the critical moment when the world is concerned about re-investigating the leakage of the Wuhan laboratory, three previously published papers by the Wuhan Institute of Virology were exposed, exposing Shi Zhengli’s biggest lie and further increasing the doubts about the laboratory leakage. There is reason to suspect that these papers were exposed by Chinese scientists.

U.S. politics and the press continue to be further fermented by the Wall Street Journal’s reports, Fauci’s speech, and Biden’s orders. The U.S. Council is also preparing two major bills to pursue the life of the CCP. One of them calls for the establishment of a 9‧11 investigation team and the other. Request the removal of the CCP’s immunity and allow prosecution against it.

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Uprising of Chinese scientists?Three papers from Wudu Institute expose Shi Zhengli’s lies

Qin Peng: I have noticed the news about investigating the Wuhan Virus Institute (WIV) virus leak in the past few days. The whole world has been upset. I don’t know what changes you have observed?

Iris: Yes, over the past year or so, even just a few months ago, this view was regarded as a conspiracy theory by the left-wing media and politicians. It was a conspiracy theory for the Trump administration to shirk responsibility. The scam, I didn’t expect it to be completely changed in a few days now, and it even feels a bit like trying to clean up Trump and Pompeo.

1) Co-signature of 18 scientists in “Science”: one of them worked with the WIV scientist to do functional enhancement together.
2) The report from The Wall Street Journal: In November 2019, people in 3 armed poison centers were infected with the disease.
3) Fauci’s turn.
4) Biden’s own order: 90-day investigation.

The mainstream media is turning, Fcebook is turning, and the political arena is turning. The world is also boiling.

Qin Peng: Yes, the most interesting thing I see is that the CCP is also messing around here. Zhao Lijian is desperately arguing that the United States should be investigated. The Global Times criticizes Dr. Fauci for rebellion, and Hu Xijin, the editor-in-chief of Global, clamored for preparation Fight a nuclear war. I feel really panicked.

Iris: I think it may be that the U.S. Congress is not at ease with Biden. I am afraid that he has done a report but will not make it public. The U.S. Senate passed a bill by Senator Holly on Wednesday, requiring the Biden administration to publish investigations and related matters. The information is given to the public, and the people are allowed to judge for themselves.

As a result, it may be affected by this bill. Yesterday and Thursday, Biden stated that he would make it public.

Qin Peng: For a while, I feel that the scientific community is a bit like blowing the trumpet, preparing for scientific expeditions, and geological discoveries. Not only are many scientists co-signing, they want to bypass the WHO to find the source of the virus, and some scientists have more. Find.

Many scientists aimed at a mysterious mine in Yunnan, where Shi Zhengli and others from Wuhan Institute of Virology found some new coronaviruses, including the mysterious Chinese chrysanthemum bat virus RaTG13. Scientists hope to use this key to unlock the mystery. We also did a program on Monday.

3 workers died in the place where Shi Zhengli collected the virus RaTG13 in 2013

Iris: The place where Shi Zhengli and the others collected the Chinese chrysanthemum bat virus RaTG13 in 2013 was an abandoned mine in Mojiang, Yunnan. In this mine where bat colonies are frequent, six workers contracted a lung disease in the spring of 2012 with symptoms similar to SARS or COVID-19, and three of the six died.

However, I see that the CCP is not idle in this regard. Shi Zhengli and the others published a paper a few days ago to refute it.

They said that although previous speculations suggested that the leak of RaTG13 in the laboratory may have caused SARS-CoV-2, the existing experimental evidence does not support this speculation.

The main reason is:

First, although the Chinese chrysanthemum bat virus RaTG13 found in the mine is similar to the virus (SARS-CoV-2) that caused Wuhan pneumonia (the Chinese Communist virus) this time, the similarity is as high as 96.2%, but there is still a long way to go.

Second, this difference, even if this virus escapes from the laboratory, it cannot effectively infect ACE-2, that is, there is no way to infect people well. They also said that if there is no further adaptation, bat-derived RaTG13, RaTG15 and other possible SARSr-CoV-2 viruses have limited zoonotic potential.

It seems to make sense.

Three postgraduate papers of Wuhan Institute of Virology prove that Shi Zhengli lied

Qin Peng: Let’s first say that they made this paper very academic and advanced. Let me explain what adaptation is, that is, it needs to further infect and mutate with other animals in order to become the current new coronavirus (the Chinese Communist Party). Virus) structure. Shi Zhengli’s paper also said that under the background that the new coronavirus is derived from animals, there may be a bat virus that uses HuACE2 more effectively than RaTG13, or a pangolin coronavirus with higher genetic sequence consistency.

However, in this regard, the newly disclosed three postgraduate papers of the Wuhan Institute of Virology revealed this point, saying that Shi Zhengli and the others’ statement is actually a lie. The French “Le Monde” also asked experts to conduct an analysis.

Iris: Take three papers from the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s own graduate students, and slap Shi Zhengli and others from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. This operation is a bit interesting.

Qin Peng: Yes. Because these theses are one doctoral thesis and two master thesis, they will be defended in 2014, 2017 and 2019 respectively. Because they were all published in Chinese, it gave me the impression that these papers were exposed by scientists in China. It was because of the anger that the CCP covered up and lied.

Iris: This is very lively. Please explain it to everyone, and make it more popular for everyone to understand.

Shi Zhengli’s RaTG13 virus sequence published last year is suspected of falsification

Qin Peng: In fact, it is very simple. The paper provided the gene sequence of a virus called Ra4991. This virus actually and Shi Zhengli after the outbreak of the great plague in 2020, on February 3rd with other Wuhan Wudu Researchers in “Nature” The virus RaTG13 of the Chinese chrysanthemum head bat published in the magazine is the same virus. However, the genetic sequence data of the two are very different. The analysis of the paper shows that the main difference lies in the part of the genome that corresponds to the spike, that is, the protein that allows the virus to enter its host cell, with a 1% to 1.5% change.

The scientist said: “This represents a 1% to 1.5% change in this segment of the genome. This is very important. It is equivalent to 10 to 15 mutations in a field that plays a key role in the infectivity of the virus.”

Then, these scientists asked for an explanation from the Wuhan virus, and no one responded to them.

Iris: In other words, Shi Zhengli and the others said that this is the same virus, but there are 10-15 mutations in the key parts. Are these two viruses good? !

Qin Peng: Yes.

Iris: But, is it possible? Actually this is another virus. The Wuhan Institute of Virology discovered 8 viruses in the mine at that time.

Qin Peng: This is a paradox. If they have another virus that has a very high similarity to COVID-19, Shi Zhengli and others have not disclosed another highly similar virus in the 2020 “Science” magazine, then they are suspected of concealing it. However, in fact, Shi Zhengli answered the question and answer of “Science” magazine in 2020, and personally admitted that BtCoV/4991 is RaTG13.

Iris: That is, the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s own graduate paper shows that the so-called RaTG13 virus sequence published by Shi Zhengli in 2020 is suspected of falsification. This is a blockbuster discovery.

French scientists found that the paper is different from what Shi Zhengli published in Science in 2020.

Teacher Qin Peng, how do you explain this difference?

Qin Peng: I think the only reasoning is: This proves that the true sequence of the virus discovered by the Wuhan virus is not as published by Shi Zhengli. It was discovered in 2013 and hidden for 7 years. On February 3, 2020, the great plague After the outbreak, the CCP fabricated a fake sequence in order to deceive the world.

Shi Zhengli lied a few more

Moreover, as we explained in the previous episode, Shi Zhengli also lied a few lies. For example, first, she said that the patients who died in the mine had fungal infections, but she was beaten in the face by another domestic student paper. Gao Fu, the director of China’s CDC, brought a paper on the face of a graduate student. Both papers stated that it was caused by the coronavirus.

Second, normal scientists will release viruses and publish papers in time, but they have discovered 8 new viruses in the mines that have been hidden for more than 7 years. This cannot be explained by normal logic, unless they are cooperating with the Chinese Communist Party to find biological and chemical weapons. The ideal virus, so it will be kept secret. And we did find that they cooperated with the military.

Iris: There are indeed many doubts. Moreover, they have not dared to let the outside world investigate. After the accident, a military major general Chen Wei was immediately sent to take over the Wuhan Virus Institute. On February 14, when the virus was raging, Xi Jinping also strangely ordered the acceleration of the “Biosafety Legislation” and the introduction of biosafety into the national security system. This made the outside world further questioned whether this was an attempt to plug the loopholes in the laboratory.

Qin Peng: Yes. There is indeed a taste of no silver three hundred taels here. This series of practices makes people even more suspicious that this virus is related to the P4 virus laboratory in Wuhan, China.

U.S. lawmakers from both parties push 2 new bills to speed up the CCP’s accountability

Iris: As the virus laboratory theory has become more and more popular, the international community, especially the United States, has also seen rapid progress in the situation in the past two days in the international community, especially the United States, for the CCP’s responsibility for causing the epidemic to spread to the world. On Wednesday, Biden had just ordered the intelligence community to conduct further investigations into the origin of the virus and report within 90 days. On the same day, the Senate unanimously passed a bill requiring the Director of National Intelligence to declassify all information about Wuhan within 90 days. Laboratory and intelligence on the origin of the Chinese Communist Party virus (Wuhan virus, New Coronavirus).

The torrent rushed to this Friday, and the U.S. House of Representatives immediately introduced two bills against the CCP virus, which was followed by another two “urging talisman” against the CCP.

“Made in America Emergency Preparedness Act”

Qin Peng: That’s right. The first bill was jointly proposed by five Democrats and five Republicans. It is called the “Made in America Emergency Preparedness Act.” According to the bill, the United States will establish a “9‧11 style” bipartisan committee to thoroughly investigate the origin of the virus.

Iris: What is the “9‧11 style” investigation? We know that the “9.11” terrorist attack was one of the worst attacks in modern American history. In 2002, the “9.11” committee was formally established, with the task of “comprehensively explaining” the relevant circumstances of the September 11 attacks, preparing for and immediately responding to attacks, and providing suggestions for preventing future attacks.

In other words, the establishment of a “9‧11” committee on the CCP virus has two meanings. One is to find out the ins and outs of the incident, as well as the perpetrators, just like the terrorist attack on “9.11.” Second, it is necessary to prepare for such emergencies in the future. Therefore, the bill also mentions that the US government and the private sector must ensure that personal protective equipment and important materials must be manufactured in the United States and must not be outsourced to foreign countries.

Qin Peng: Actually, I think there is another meaning. In fact, the words you just used, Iris, have already explained the problem: the “initiator” and the investigation of the outbreak of the “9‧11” battle, the two have a clear commonality, that is, like investigating terrorist attacks, Find out who is behind it and what it does. To put it bluntly, it is actually referring directly to the CCP, to find out the CCP’s role in the spread of the virus.

Iris: Yes, in fact, as early as last year, President Trump publicly equated the CCP virus with the “Pearl Harbor Attack” and the “September 11” incident, calling it the “worst attack” (worst attack). , Bluntly “this is a war.”

Qin Peng: So this bill, in addition to investigating the origin of the epidemic, also requires ensuring that key materials must be produced in the United States in the future. It is more like targeting the CCP, because we know that after the great plague began last year, the CCP concealed the epidemic information on the one hand. , Leading to neglect of prevention all over the world, and then one after another. On the other hand, state-owned enterprises and embassies all over the world are ordered to step up the collection of anti-epidemic materials.

Moreover, the CCP still does not allow the export of N95 masks, etc., produced by two American manufacturers, 3M and Honeywell, to the U.S. The CCP itself uses these anti-epidemic materials for epidemic diplomacy, which is really like an asymmetric information war. Material war. This makes democratic countries such as Europe, America and Japan painfully determined to establish their own key industrial chains.

When this bill was enacted this time, Brian Fitzpatrick, co-chair of the bipartisan problem solver caucus, said in a statement: “We simply cannot outsource public safety and national security (products) to foreign countries. “We must rebuild the health care and public safety supply chain in the United States. Medical products, protective equipment, medicines, emergency equipment, and all other critical items and materials needed to respond to national emergencies must be produced domestically for domestic consumption. .”

“Prevention Law for International Epidemics Never Occurs again”

Iris: And the second bill, I think it is even heavier, it is called the “Never Again International Outbreak Prevention Act” (Never Again International Outbreak Prevention Act). This bill calls for the deprivation of the CCP’s sovereign immunity and allows families of victims of the epidemic to sue the CCP or other countries that “willfully mislead the international community on the epidemic.”

Qin Peng: This bill was jointly proposed by a Republican and a Democratic congressman, and it also crossed parties. This also allows us to see that in the general climate where the political agendas of the two parties are split, they are tracing the CCP one after another, and it is rare to reach a consensus. Rep. Michael Waltz stood up to support this bill. He said bluntly that he actually didn’t like to engage in litigation, but in the face of “the Chinese government that released the virus to the world and silenced reporters and doctors.” Only by depriving them of the sovereign immunity that prevents them from being prosecuted can it work for them.

Iris: Waltz will also deprive the CCP of its sovereign immunity, describing it as “Unleash the hounds. China needs to pay.” “Release the hounds. China (the CCP) needs to pay a price.”

Qin Peng: Indeed, since the global outbreak of the CCP virus, the international community has actually never stopped prosecuting the CCP. Both Missouri and Mississippi in the United States, as official state governments, filed lawsuits and compensations against the CCP. In Florida, California, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Texas, there are also private individuals who have filed at least five class actions against China. Then Iris, can you tell us audience friends, what is “foreign immunity”? Is it possible for this amulet to be broken?

Iris: The United States established the “Foreign Sovereign Immunity Regulations” in 1976 to grant foreign governments extensive immunity. Therefore, legal professionals generally believe that similar lawsuits cannot and are difficult to achieve actual results.

However, in order to remove legal obstacles to prosecuting the CCP, the US Congress has taken frequent actions. In April last year, US Senator Tom Cotton and Representative Dan Crenshaw introduced a bill intended to amend the “Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act” to deprive the CCP of judicial immunity during the plague and allow Americans Sued the CCP in a federal court, seeking compensation for death, injury, and economic damage caused by the CCP virus.

Teacher Qin Peng, do you think it is possible for the United States to bring the CCP to court?

Qin Peng: This is actually a more difficult question.

First of all, let’s say, is it possible for the United States to take the CCP to the international court? If the United States or other countries initiate an international lawsuit against the CCP, the two parties may confront each other in the International Court of Justice in The Hague or other international arbitration occasions.

However, to hold the CCP accountable within the framework of international law will encounter numerous obstacles. Beijing may refuse to submit evidence and witnesses and not cooperate with the investigation. Some experts in international law also pointed out that China has a veto power in the UN Security Council and has considerable influence in the International Health Organization (WHO), which is leading the global response to the epidemic. It is unlikely that similar cases will be submitted to international arbitration.

Therefore, experts said: “It is very difficult to hold China accountable legally, not to mention asking for compensation financially.” They believe that the CCP will face “tsunami-like waves of accountability” from various countries, but the dispute will go through diplomacy. It is not solved by law.

However, in fact, from the Sino-US trade war, we know that the United States actually has a lot of tools, including finance, trade, technology, and many other heavy weapons. If you really want to hold the CCP accountable, it is not difficult. The crux of the question is whether the new US government is determined to hold the CCP to blame and will not hesitate to launch a violent attack against the CCP.

Of course, the first bill was the establishment of a 9‧11 investigation team. I think it is very likely to be passed.

Iris: Yes,…Just today, Steve Scalise, the Republican party in the U.S. House of Representatives (Steve Scalise) and more than 200 Republican members, jointly called on Speaker Nancy Pelosi to instruct the chairmen of the committees to investigate the CCP. The guilt for causing the epidemic. The congressman said: If the virus really originated in the laboratory and the CCP covered it up, then “the CCP will be responsible for the deaths of nearly 600,000 Americans and millions of people worldwide.”

Qin Peng: Yes. We have also seen that after Biden ordered a 90-day investigation, Republican Congressman Holley initiated a bill requiring all kinds of information to be published, and it was passed unanimously in the Senate. This is actually a consensus reached by the US Congress that a thorough investigation must be required.

Under the current background that the American people and Congress have reached a consensus on the CCP’s counterattack, I think the most important thing is investigation. At that time, the pressure of American public opinion would also force the current government to impose sanctions on the CCP. I think the rest of this year will be very lively. Although the CCP seems to be so arrogant and arrogant now, it may be doomed amidst the world’s accusation of the great plague.

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