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Qmax, “HUNTER x HUNTER Arena Battle” has a new group “Zoldyck Family”! | gamebiz

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Qmax announced today (October 29th) that a new group “Zoldyck Family” has appeared in “HUNTER x HUNTER Arena Battle”.

In addition, to commemorate the appearance, an autographed colored paper present campaign of the Zoldyck family cast was started on official Twitter.

A new group “Zoldyck Family” has appeared. To commemorate the appearance, the following campaigns and step-up gachas will be held.

■ Zoldyck Family Commemorative Login Bonus
・ Day 1:[It took a long time x 1]
・ Day 2:[Hunter coin x 1000]
・ Day 3:[Universal generation card (B) x 5]
・ Day 4:[Hunter coin x 1000]
・ Day 5:[Universal Generation Card (A) x 5]
・ Day 6:[Hunter coin x 1000]
・ Day 7:[Universal Generation Card (S) x 2]
You can get a total of[Hunter Coins x 3000].

■ Commemoration of the addition of the Zoldyck family!Step-up gacha
In this gacha, the appearance rate of S has increased from step 2, one S card has been confirmed in step 3, the appearance rate of SS has increased in step 4, one S card of the Zoldyck family has been confirmed, and sol in step 5. One SS card of the Dick family is confirmed. Each person can turn up to 3 laps.

[Holding period]
October 29 (gold) ~ November 30 (fire) 14:59
* Schedule is subject to change without notice.

To commemorate the appearance of the new group “Zoldyck Family”, a campaign is being held on the official Twitter account of “Alibato”. From the follow-ups and retweets, a lottery will be given to the cast’s autographed colored paper.

▼ How to apply
① Follow the official Twitter account of “Alibato”
② Retweet the tweets that correspond to this campaign

▼ Present contents
Illumination role: Masaya Matsukaze autographed Shikishi

Arca: Maaya Uchida’s autographed Shikishi

Cult role: Mamiko Noto autographed Shikishi

■ “HUNTER x HUNTER Arena Battle”

Official site

Official Twitter

©Qmax Inc.
© DeNA Co., Ltd. 2020


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