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The Huawei Mate 50 series went on sale yesterday, and Huawei stores across the country were packed with people. Huawei’s flagship online store is said to have sold out 10 seconds after it went on sale, and Huawei’s miracle comment sounded again on the Internet.

Huawei’s executive director, Yu Chengdong, introduced the Mate 50 series. Photos by Huawei

Huawei smartphones could have surpassed Apple in global sales and could catch up with Samsung. If not for the United States imposing a technical ban on China three years ago, how would Huawei compare with Apple? Apple is better than the original.

“Every once in a while, there is a revolutionary product that will change the market.” When Jobs introduced the first iPhone in 2007, he said that Apple had integrated the iPod, mobile phone and mobile communication network into one, compared to the time. at that time Black Strawberry, Moto Q, Plam Tero, Nokia E62 are the four best selling smartphones. The difference is that the bottom half of the competitor’s product fuselage is the button part, which is very stupid and sticky, isn’t it? The iPhone revolutionized the use of touch screen control. In this case, the iPhone will not win the opponent’s lower body, but surpass the opponent by a technology generation. Since then, Apple has changed the world.

Huawei smartphones are also very pleasing to the eye. There are two main points: First, Huawei can be compared to a “research madman”, and any technical difficulties can be overcome. Assemble the biggest team to compete with your opponents. Huawei’s official figures reveal that the company has 195,000 employees and 107,000 of them are involved in research and development. Last year, Huawei used more than 22% of its revenue to invest in scientific research, reaching 142.7 billion (RMB, same below). In the past 10 years, Huawei’s total research and development expenditure was 845 billion. Apple has less than 140,000 employees and has an annual R&D fund of more than 110 billion, which is 30% worse than Huawei.

The above numbers are not very important, because of the second point: Huawei has a feature that Apple does not have. Under the management of Ren Zhengfei, Huawei is a “fighting enterprise” – it looks like Russia, which is called a fighting nation , and Huawei has also gone through the same period The flesh and blood of the battles of Lingrad, Leningrad, Moscow, continue to fight to become “heroes”.

Huawei established its mobile phone business in 2003, the mainland reported: “At that time, Huawei mobile phones were completely “cheap old people’s phones” image, until 2008, Huawei opened the standard algorithm from 2G to 3G, surpassing on Ericsson in technical strength , taking We got a huge order from Vodafone, opened the base station market in Europe, and Europe won.” From 2011 to 2013, Huawei mobile phones officially started, and they seriously used Samsung as an imaginary enemy to poach heavy Samsung talents to come to Huawei. The most important thing is that Ren Zhengfei makes the right move, which is very important !

Huawei mobile phones had no selling points before, and Samsung looked like Apple How to break through? It all depends on a prediction made by Ren Zhengfei: “In the future, 90% of the traffic in the information society will come from images and videos, so Huawei must work hard in the field images.” Huawei uses German and Japanese technical The effect is amazing, so I caught all the way, surpassing Apple in the middle to become the second best-selling brand in the world.

What is even more impressive is that Huawei openly competes with Samsung for mobile phone craftsmanship. In 2019, Huawei Mate X and Samsung broke the folding phone dispute.. The Samsung Galaxy Fold folding phone was first announced in February, by win the jackpot. However, folding phones are the most essential. This is the quality technology of the hinge and the screen. After a few months, Samsung’s foldable screen was revealed. Joanna Stern, an American technology columnist, gave a comprehensive offer on the Samsung Fold experience and found that the Galaxy Fold, which costs $2,000, only took a day or two to try it. There was a “splash screen” and a screen bursting accident. During the period, Huawei made improvements to the Mate X, adjusted the stability of the folding screen, and reinforced the most likely hinge structure design, so that the Mate X can be folded 200,000 times without deformation, so the quality has been to guarantee that the reputation was earned.

The latest Huawei Mate50 series has a lot of “black technology”. I won’t go into details here. It is about me that I have no intention of changing the phone. I still listen to what Ren Zhengfei said before: “Don’t buy Huawei mobile phones because of nationalism.” Huawei Princess Yao Anna uses iPhones. I might follow the same too.

I admire Huawei’s scientific research spirit and Huawei’s strong nature from the heart. No matter if you fold and stack 200,000 times, Huawei can maintain the status quo Will you serve it?

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