Quam Hengwen Pure Bond Bond Securities Investment Fund’s First Dividend Announcement in 2022

Original title: Announcement on the First Dividend Distribution of Quam Hengwen Pure Debt Bond Securities Investment Fund in 2022

Announcement sending date: January 14, 2022

1 Announcement basic information

Note: The “Quam Hengwen Pure Debt Bond Securities Investment Fund Fund Contract” stipulates that under the premise of meeting the relevant fund dividend conditions, the fund will distribute the income for a maximum of 12 times a year, and the income distribution ratio of each fund unit shall not be allowed. It is lower than 50% of the distributable profit for each fund share on the base day of income distribution.

2 Other information related to dividends

Note: This income distribution plan has been reviewed by China Construction Bank Corporation, the custodian of the Fund.

3 Other things that need to be reminded

3.1. Fund units that are validly subscribed for and transferred to the Fund on the registration date of rights and interests do not enjoy the dividend rights and interests of this time. Fund units that are validly redeemed and transferred out of the Fund on the registration date of rights and interests are entitled to the rights and interests of this dividend distribution.

3.2. The amount applied for subscription or transfer-in on the date of equity registration shall be determined based on the calculation basis of the net value of the fund shares after ex-rights on January 17, 2022.

3.3. For investors who do not choose a specific dividend distribution method, the default dividend distribution method of the Fund is cash dividends. Investors can check the current status of the fund’s dividend setting.

3.4. Investors can modify the dividend distribution method at the sales outlets during the trading hours of the fund’s open day. The dividend distribution method will be confirmed according to the last successful dividend distribution method selected by the investor before the rights registration date (excluding the rights registration date). allow. If you want to modify the dividend distribution method, please go through the modification procedures at the sales outlet before the registration date of rights and interests (excluding the registration date of rights and interests).

3.5. Investors’ bonus funds will be withdrawn from the fund custody account on January 18, 2022.

3.6. The fund’s direct selling agency is the company’s direct selling center and the company’s online direct selling trading platform. For other sales agencies, please refer to the information on the fund sales agencies published on the company’s official website.

3.7. The dividend distribution of the Fund will not change the risk-return characteristics of the Fund, nor will it reduce the investment risk of the Fund or increase the investment return of the Fund. The company promises to manage and use the fund assets in the principle of good faith, diligence and responsibility, but does not guarantee that the fund will be profitable, nor does it guarantee the minimum return. Investors are advised to pay attention to investment risks.

3.8. Log on to the website of Huafu Fund Management Co., Ltd.:

Call the customer service hotline of Quam Fund Management Co., Ltd.: 400-700-8001, 021-50619688.

Special announcement.

Quam Fund Management Co., Ltd.

January 14, 2022



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