Quarantine authorities, “The fourth vaccination is still under review… Announcement on the 14th to review whether to adjust the distance”

The quarantine authorities explained that the need for the fourth vaccination is still in the review stage.

At a regular briefing held today (11th), Park Hyang, head of quarantine at the Central Accident Response Headquarters, said, “Since the third vaccination is currently in progress, we need to look at the quarantine status and the effectiveness and duration of the third vaccination. “He said.

Director Park Hyang continued, “We need more opinions from experts, so we’re reviewing it now.”

Earlier yesterday, President Moon Jae-in urged the quarantine authorities to “make a quick conclusion about the phased fourth vaccination.”

In addition, regarding the ‘expansion of vaccinations for children and adolescents’ requested by President Moon, he said, “There is currently no vaccine available for children aged 5 to 11.”

Park said, “However, if the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety grants approval in the future, it will be specific, considering the timing of introduction of vaccines for children, etc. We will review the plan,” he explained.

When asked if Pfizer will introduce a vaccine for Omicron if it is developed in the future, Park said, “When negotiating an mRNA vaccine agreement, if a vaccine suitable for the mutation is developed, it is already in the first place so that it can be introduced into the mutated vaccine. There is an agreement.”

Director Park Hyang said that he would review whether to adjust the distance and announce it on the 14th.

Director Park said, “We will collect expert opinions through the quarantine and medical division and make a decision after thorough review at the Daily Recovery Support Committee on the 12th.”

Social distancing, which restricts the number of private gatherings to 4 people nationwide and restaurant business hours until 9 pm, will be implemented until the 16th.

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