Quarantine HQ succeeds in sequencing 21 weeks of chicken pox virus at the same time

Development of full-length genome analysis technology… Publishing in international journals

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(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Lee Young-seop = Agriculture, Forestry and Livestock Quarantine Headquarters announced on the 19th that he had succeeded in analyzing the entire genetic sequence of 21 types (viral units) of chicken pox virus for the first time on at the same time. in the world.

Based on the latest next-generation sequencing (NGS), the Quarantine Headquarters developed whole genome analysis technology for smallpox virus and achieved this result.

Whole genome refers to the entire DNA base that stores the genetic information of a species. Whole genome analysis is a technique to comprehensively study genetic factors for diseases and drug reactivity.

Chickenpox virus belongs to the same family as monkeypox virus and has the largest and most complex particle among animal viruses known to date.

It causes skin lesions such as rashes, pustules, and crusts in animals, but is not transmitted to humans.

The Quarantine HQ research team decoded the entire gene sequence of all 21 types of chicken pox virus and compared and analyzed 260 unique genes.

Through this, for the first time in the world, it was discovered for the first time in the world that chicken pox viruses, which are known to be identical genetically, vary according to regions.

The results of this research were published in the online edition of the international academic journal ‘Microbiology Spectrum’ on the 9th.

Kwon Yong-guk, head of the Avian Disease Department at the Quarantine Headquarters, said, “This achievement is expected to lay the foundation for the development of a smallpox vaccine in Korea.”


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