Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral was held; she was predeceased by her husband

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Queen Elizabeth II of England said goodbye to England and the world, and died in the basement of Windsor Castle, where her husband was buried.

The Queen’s funeral took place at 11 am local time on the 19th at Westminster Abbey in London for about an hour.

He is the first national head of state in Britain for 57 years since the funeral of Winston Churchill in 1965.

An hour and a half before the funeral, the symbol of England, Big Ben, rang 96 bells to commemorate the Queen’s life at the age of 96.

Around 2,000 people including the royal family and heads of state attended the funeral, and minister David Hoyle presided over the funeral.

Towards the end of the ceremony, a long trumpet sounded and the whole of England fell into silence for two minutes, and the funeral ended with the British national anthem and chanting of mourning.

The queen’s coffin was moved to Windsor Castle, and after the last service attended by the royal family, she was buried in the catacombs of the church where her husband, Prince Philip, who died last year, was buried.

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