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Charmaine Sheh (Ah Sheh) returned to her mother’s TVB after almost 5 years of absence to film “News Queen” produced by Zhong Shujia. The series has already attracted a lot of attention on the Internet. Currently, the production of the series has officially started. Recently, some netizens met Ah Sheh and He Yiting on the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui who were filming. With her clean and neat hairstyle, she was full of mood .

Charmaine Sheh has been filming a TVB series for a long time. (Zhong Shujia Weibo photo)

Seeing the Reuters footage revealed on the Internet, it can be seen that Ah Sheh parted her waist-length hair on the side, wearing a light-colored knee-length long coat and holding a white handbag. When she walked out with He Yiting outside the famous brand store, she looked down at her mobile phone all the time, with a serious face and did not know what she was busy with, while He Yiting and who was by her side continued to talk to her, and then she responded to each other, walking and walking Speaking of the dialogue, He Yiting listened to her with an obedient look on her face. Just looking at the screen, she was already full of mood, a very sisterly demeanor. the drama, she is the first female anchor of the news section of the television station, no wonder she has such an aura.

The series was recently filmed in Tsim Sha Tsui. (video snapshot)