Queen’s Umbrella unveils new poster Reveal the difference between being a mighty queen and a great mother.

approaching another level For another series of the year to watch The Queen’s Umbrella Recently, tvN has revealed two new posters to meet the story of her role as a mighty queen and a great mother.

On the two posters, two different sides of the story are revealed. I’m Hwareeong (played by Kim Hye Soo) both in the role of a strong and powerful queen who brought a heavy burden in the palace which appears on the first poster that she was the one who stood in front and he was followed by his wife and his mother

The Queen's Umbrella 1 16922 TV poster

while in another poster we can see I’m Hwareeong in a more relaxed image But it’s just as painful as a headache. With the role of mother to the troubled princes who always bring chaos, however, she is willing to do whatever it takes for her sons.

The Queen's Umbrella Poster 02The Queen's Umbrella Poster 02

As well as giving it a completely different tone. There is also a clever play on both posters. on the first poster in the role of the queen There is a message that says ‘Middle War mother give me‘ who thinks the Queen and in the part of the second poster with the role of mother the text was changed to ‘Middle War Mother come on’ which translates to His Highness thus reinforcing the difference between the two duties that a woman must shoulder

The Queen’s Umbrella It’s a retro-comedy series. which leads us to investigate the conflict within the palace until a prince is created who diligently creates problems all the time This conflict arises from the need to change the troubled prince to the crown prince who worthy of the throne of the future.

The Queen's Umbrella TV poster 1 010922The Queen's Umbrella TV poster 1 010922

Follow the story of chaos in the palace and the duties of the mighty queen and at the same time be a great mother too in the series The Queen’s Umbrella First broadcast on October 15

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