Quentin Schaffer, HBO's Longtime Head Of Corporate Communications, Exits After 39 Years - Deadline

Quentin Schaffer, HBO's Longtime Head Of Corporate Communications, Exits After 39 Years - Deadline

HBO's EVP Corporate Communications Quentin Schaffer after 8 years at the network. Monday morning in the email to staff (read it below).

In the note, fashioned as a script with David Chase's infamous script ‘cut to black ending of The Sopranos, Schaffer called his 39-year stint at HBO “the greatest temporary job.”

HBO, Turner and WarnerMedia 's coming in to streamline service. T In his memo, Schaffer his boss of 28 years, Plepler, as well as his “colleague of 35 years Nancy Lesser.

In his farewell email, Schaffer recalled his memory “The legendary rock star Jerry Lee Lewis,” Schaffer wrote. “My HBO MOBILE LIVING TO BE OVER 30 days. HBO 39 years (yes, longer than Glenn Whitehead). ”

Schaffer is highlighting of HBO Band of Brothers in 1995, a visit to Nelson Mandever for the Whitney Houston concerto in 1995 Stalin (I haven't been there for the same time), the barrage of calls after The Sopranos went to black. ”

As EVP of Corporate Communications, Schaffer was responsible for all consumers, outreach campaigns, trade advertising, CSR and corporate affairs. He pioneered the first premiere of his television show in his theater with Sex and the City back in 1999, one of the originators of HBO's success t Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, The Wire, Big Little Lies, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver t and many more.

“I've been doing PR for the ship,” said Kevin Brockman, a longtime Disney-ABC PR executive who was named EVP, Global Communications, Warner Media Entertainment & Direct-To-Consumer in May. “I know how big a part Quentin played in this field. But I am glad I got the chance to work. On BEHALF of everyone at the company, I want to thank butter work schedule for His Contributions. After 39 years, he deserves a break. ”

Schaffer joined HBO in 1980 as soon as possible, corporate communications in July 1999. Before HBO he has worked at WABC.

“HBO has been an amazing place”. “What made it special that we have been able to work with. In looking back, I feel lucky to have the most temporary job in the business. For 39 years. With Kevin now. T

Here is Schaffer's email to his colleagues:

To: HBO Staff
Fm: Quentin Schaffer
FADE IN. When I first started at HBO, a country music special. The legendary rock star Jerry Lee Lewis has been asked for a press release. 30 days. HBO 39 years (yes, longer than Glenn Whitehead). FLASH AHEAD for I look back at this top-notch PR workout.

FOCUS ON A MONTAGE OF MEMORIES that has been included in Michael Jackson's spokesman in 1993, a visit to Nelson Mandela's office while in Johannesburg for the Whitney Houston concert (i) izvieto u sepoja izvieto de sunt, The first ever screening of TV Show for Sex and the City, more than 100 Joel, Britney Spears, George Clooney, Monica Lewinsky, 8 Rock n Roll Hall of Bill. T Hotels in the City of London t members, 1500 HBO employees and 5000 guests. Here. T

CUT TO Present Day. I am learning and am I still learning, i still have it! Nancy Lesser. TPosted by:. T Thanks to you all for such a great experience. It's the biggest temporary job. For 39 years. And now, in the world. T My wife has convinced me. CUT TO BLACK (courtesy of David Chase).

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