quentin tarantino plans to shoot an eight episode tv series

Quentin Tarantino’s announcement that he will stop directing after one or two more films caused quite a bit of sadness among fans. The director says he has plans to return to television. (Quentin Tarantino plans to shoot an eight-episode TV series)

Tarantino revealed that he plans to shoot the eight-episode series next year at an event in New York hosted by Elvis Mitchell.

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He is currently busy promoting his new book ‘Cinema Speculation’. Meanwhile, Tarantino has announced that his next project will not be delayed at all. ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ is Tarantino’s last theatrical release.

Quentin Tarantino directed a two part series called ‘Grave Danger’. It aired in 2005 as the final episode of season five of CBS’s CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

In 2019, he was in talks with Netflix to release his drama ‘The Hateful Eight’ as a four-part miniseries. Then for some reason it didn’t happen. Tarantino’s films are characterized by non-linear storytelling, humor and gory violence comedy.

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