Question Rishabh Pant: In World Cup squad of India or out of?

Will Rishabh Pant join the World Cup? The reply will be known on Monday evening. Even when MSK's selection committee is preparing to discuss the final 15 of India, ESPNcricinfo asked two Indian ex-kinsmen, Kiran More and Deep Dasgupta, to analyze the chances of Pant World squad making.

Are you very impressed with keeping Pant in crickets too small?

Kiran More: His first year is in international cricket. I remember everyone criticizing [MS] Dhoni also during his first two years as a narrow keeper. The same thing is happening now with Rishabh. There are a number of technical areas that Rishabh needs to improve, but this will happen with more game experience and ensure that it improves. But there is certainly something special about his cricketing mind.

Deep Dasgupta: He did not keep in many games, first of all. I know everyone was talking about a right hand side stump Peter Handscomb who lost it during an Australian ODI series last month. But that was hard. He has done all the right, he has taken up most of the opportunities he has had.

So far I have done this IPL, Rishabh's retention skills have improved significantly. He is making a lot of communication with the bowlers. Take the example of capturing Robin Uthappa who took him Friday in the game against Kolkata Knight Riders from Kagisao Rabada. More than the catch, it was the initial movement that put it in a good position to complete the catch.

Technically, what areas can he improve?

Bigger: The only thing I have seen is that it needs to improve. You cannot obey when you are watching.

Technically, the hand position is most important for a wicker keeper. Sometimes it takes time, sometimes it moves very quickly. That is the balance. You get more stability with a good balance. And proper body balance allows your hands to be really solid. So the location of gloves is very important.

This practice is to catch the ball in a different way. He went into the habit from his school days until he played an age group cricket, where he didn't have a proper wicker coach. This habit he has to hit the balls on the ball and his shoulder drops back.

Also, it is working on where you choose the ball, according to the line of the ball. And it's getting. It is a person who did well in test games, which means he does not get better.

However, I think there are a number of areas that it needs to work on, including keeping pace with the fast dancers. I noticed that it takes small steps towards the inside (towards the left for bats on the right hand side). Some dummy keepers will naturally enter this habit of entering as a stimulus movement before the ball is inclined. Sometimes there may be missing edges that go mostly in the pocket between the wickeetkeeper and the first slip. And these are mostly catches by the curator.

I'm not too hard on it. I have been working with him for the past two years. Her agility and movement are brilliant. He is a strong boy. He has a wonderful brain. It is a smart street like Dhoni. That said, it should be like Rishabh Pant, do not try to copy someone. You pick up the good points of Dhoni, which is very important.

Rishabh Pant loses his balance in trying to make a shot BCCI

Dasgupta: The good part about Rishabh is that he is aware of the areas he needs to improve and how. He has a roadmap. He understands things like he doesn't go up early, getting into a position where he collects the ball, and the right work is important right.

But a coffee keeper has a very important role in the 50-over cricket, especially in setting up Indian. Virat [Kohli], most of the places, parks on the outside and that is where the curator's role becomes very important in terms of field placement, in terms of talking to the bowl about the line, length and how to make a bowl with bats. All they do not come right away. Over time, experience, fellowship and being familiar with the bowls and staff colleagues, they will all come on stream. Things like fields will be laid, the angles, especially the point, the square leg, the envelopes, the rugged plains, speaking to the bowls. Standing right next to the bat, the narrow keeper has a feeling of what he wants to do, whether it's fast, what kind of shot he wants to play. All this comes to experience.

Is he able to enter as a bats boss in the World Cup squad?

Dasgupta: In the case of cricket that is too slow, you can call in different situations on baking in the middle order. You can then come out batting at 200 for 3, as was in Mohali, where he had his natural game. But he could go into a bat at 100 for 3, where he must play differently, as was in the final ODI series of Australia.

So I'm not too sure if he still knows how to play these cases. When it comes to test games, you can still play your natural game whether it is 100 for 5 or 400 for 5. In T20 cricket, you are not really asked to do too many things. But in a 50-over game, in the middle-order, you have to be a bit more equipped to handle different situations. My only concern is whether he is ready to do so at the moment.

Against the Knight Riders, having done all the hard work at first, and about to complete the game, Rishabh failed to do so and threw his witch away. Then, his deep batting maturity and second fiddle to Shikhar Dhawan greatly affected me, something we haven't seen it often.

So will I play it as a bat holiday in the World Cup? At this point, maybe not. Also in relation to batting positions, who would be affected? I want to play Kedar [Jadhav] at 6, Dhoni at 5, leaving No. 4 as the only available location. I feel that Vijay Shankar is better equipped at this point than Rishabh at No. 4.

Bigger: Of course, he can. The selectors made a small mistake by not playing it in the ODIs in England last year. Because if I look at a young player, the thing it should be after at least 30 games is to play. But I will ensure it, certainly, only because it is a game winner. That is what he has done in a test game, he can win games for yourself. It is a major event player. He is able to take up his shots, he is ruthless. If he clicks, India will benefit greatly.

Pant or Dinesh Karthik for the World Cup?

Bigger: If I am the picker, I'll take Pant to the World Cup.

Dasgupta: As of now I say DK [Karthik]. Because DK has the experience and is more flexible in terms of the batching order: if necessary he can get a bat anywhere from No. 1 to 6. But Rishabh, as we know, can be the X-factor and I know if the selectors have chosen it.


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