Questioning Ge Peifan, Ke Chuangsheng’s false academic qualifications, Guo Zhuojian’s application for judicial review rejected (11:42)-20210122-Hong Kong News-Real Time News

Judge Zhou Jiaming pointed out in his judgment that Guo Zhuojian’s practice of filing a judicial review based on the respondent’s participation in the election is not correct, because he neither stated in the petition the judgment, decision or order involved in the review, nor did he follow The constitutionality of any legislation challenges.

Zhou Guan also pointed out that there had been a delay of 7 to 9 months in the review, but Kwok Cheuk Kin did not give a reasonable explanation, let alone voters of New Territories East or Kowloon East, who believed that he did not have sufficient interests and the review did not With a reasonable chance of winning the case, the application for permission was rejected for review.

Other reports:The European Parliament passed a resolution requesting the Hong Kong government to release the arrested democrats, naming and urging sanctions against Carrie Lam, Luo Huining and other Chinese critics.

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