Quick look. It has been released. Incense number, Grandfather, Nam Nueng, draw 1/12/64

30 Nov 2021, the last curve before the prize drawgovernment lottery daily installment 1 Dec 2021 at about 8:00 p.m. one river Phirada Thanachotchinda, the young woman who gives guidelines for famous lucky numbers Have a Facebook Live on their new page By having a live distribution of the number of incense that many people have been waiting for

by Mae Nam Nueng revealed that if this time the number enters the incense stick of Grandfather or enter the guide number that you gave He will repent by bringing 9 hundred thousand baht to sow alms at the grandfather. It is to create prestige for Grandfather. before revealing the number of incense to the followers to see in which the number of incense sticks in this draw appears 0 9 5

Previously, Mae Nam Nueng had already given guidelines for both numbers, focusing on 2 numbers and 3 numbers, namely teeth 9, 9-4, focusing on 94, 93-43, and 3 numbers, including 943-948, along with suggesting auspicious colors. This season is purple.



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