Quiet quiet ‘Thammanat’, leading a group of 11 MPs to return to the old nest to apply for civil state membership.

On February 9, reporters reported the move. MPs for the Thai Economic Party in the group of Captain Thammanat Phromphao Phayao MPs who had previously signed up to return to the Palang Pracharat Party (PPRP) by putting 2 MPs on the party list, namely Warinrak Bunsing Mr a Pol Gen. Yongyuth Thepchamnong They returned to the PPP party earlier. Recently, it was reported that Captain Thammanat, on February 6, brought the rest of the Thai economic party MPs to apply back to be members of the PPP. Thammanat Mr. Lik’s fault Member of Parliament for Kamphaeng Phet Chiradet Sriwiraj Mr Member of Parliament for Phayao Kasem Suparanon MP Nakhon Ratchasima Puakpraphan’s satire Member of Parliament for Chonburi Pornchai Insook Mr MP Phichit Panya Chinakham Mr MP Mae Hong Son Miss Jomkwan returns homeKoh SS Samut Sakhon Mrs. Tasanaporn Kemeteekarun MP Nakhon Ratchasima Mr Pakphoom Boonpramuk Member of Parliament for Tak Yuttana Phosuthon Mr List of MPs and Somsak Khun-ngern Mr Member of Parliament for Khon Kaen

The reporter reported that to return as a member of the party PPP of the group, Captain Thammanat, uses the decision of the Executive Committee of the Economic Party of Thailand to expel the party. In order to maintain MP status, a new party must be found within 30 days according to the constitution.

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