Qunxing Art Exam Star Student | Ju Yao “The road to dreams is long and full of miracles”

Original title: Qunxing Art Examination Star Student | Ju Yao “The road to dreams is long and full of miracles”

Producer, founder of curatorial team Pu Lanning, ex “Red Show”GRAZIA“New media editor, initiator of the national video art exhibition “Jura”. He has three years of work experience in the field of graphic shooting, advertising, and short films. As a designer, producer and producer, he has participated in planning, development and production many film and television works.

Taking part in television dramas Filmed and produced works such as “Forensic Apprentice” and “Goodbye Ideal”. His first film as a producer “The Garden of Forking Paths” won second prizeIMKirin Best Short Film at Traws-Cronfa Youth Film Festival, shortlisted2021Yamachi Throwing Tournament,2021The 16th Golden Rooster Film Venture Capital ConferenceFIRST Youth Film Festival Industry Screening Unit.

About professional PART01

Talent is very important, and your choice is more important. Knowing which industry suits you and which job suits you can double your sense of achievement when you complete your work.Personally, I’m very interested in photography and film, just myself, I’m relatively weak when it comes to creating, and production is more handy for me.

About Qunxing PART02

Strictly speaking, the encounter with Qunxing opened my aspiration for major editing and directing, and Qunxing is the enlightenment on my career path. I still remember the editing and directing classroom at the right end of the first floor. I watched too many excellent films in that small room. What I saw and heard in the class made me interested in the editing and directing profession, as well as the Recognition of this industry gradually became clearer.More fortunately, I met a mentor and absolute friend in my life, who is also my role model – Sister Ming.I have learned a lot from her about professional seriousness, professionalism, and responsibility; calmness, optimism, and composure in the face of various situations; courage, will, and flexibility to respond actively. These qualities can support me to walk far on the road of film and television. .

For something to say PART03

An art exam is a choice, a major is a foundation, and practice is the process of exploring love and realizing yourself. The most important thing is to know what you want and work for it!

“As you set off for Ithaca, may your road be long, full of wonders and full of discoveries.”Return to Sohu, see more


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