“Rabbit Tasika” angry with TikTok, bans MV “want to be hit”, saying there are pictures of sexual activity

Just released a new song for you to listen to. for the sexy female singer Rabbit with a song called “want to hit” that just hit the YouTube channel on January 12, 2022, but previously released a teasermusic videoCome out to start appetizers for the music fans to listen to before.

But most recently (January 13, 2022) Rabbit Tasika has released a personal Instagram post. After finding out that her new song teaser The TikTok app was banned and completed causing the young singer to be confused because she looked at the music video of her song Not much porn

By the rabbit posted a picture that was deleted and stated, “Why Teaser mv wants to be posted to TikTok, it’s not that much nudity?? By the application, the message says deleted for reasons “Adult nudity and sexual activity”

However, other social media channels did not remove Bunny Tasika’s song after she had released the song. and posted to the fans that he admitted that he was not a singer because normally sings distorted Just being able to do something that I didn’t dare before has already won my heart.



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