Rabies kills 1 coma, 1 dog bite due to lack of vaccination

The Director of the Disease Control Department revealed that 1 death from rabies was detected this year, 1 coma due to dog bites and scratches, which had not seen a doctor to be vaccinated.

On September 20, 65, Dr Opas Karnkawinpong Director General of the Department of Disease Control Referring to the rabies situation in the country between January 1 and September 18, 65, 1 death was found in Chonburi province and another patient in Songkhla province, both of them are bitten and scratched by dogs. Didn’t see a doctor and wasn’t vaccinated against rabies. after coming into contact with the disease The first death in February last year in Chonburi had a history of being scratched by an adopted dog. and he did not go to the doctor to receive any vaccinations. As for the second or latest patient in Songkhla province, he was bitten by a dog he did not own on his left hand, bleeding after the wound was cleaned. Refusal to see a doctor for the rabies vaccination Although the patient’s father and the health volunteers recommended vaccination. and after the dog died the rabies test was not sent. He is currently in hospital and on a ventilator, so it can be seen that the risk factor for rabies is being bitten and scratched by an animal without receiving the rabies vaccine. And dogs are still the main cause of transmission. which rabies is an infectious disease from animals to humans The virus enters through a wound that is bitten, scratched or licked, or comes into contact with the saliva of any infected mammal. The most common animals are dogs, followed by cats and cattle.

Dr Opas continued that people infected with rabies from animals The initial symptoms are a low grade fever. itching later Usually it starts from the site of the bite wound, injections, and then spreads to other parts. Some people itch so much that they become irritated, lose appetite, fatigue, Later, restless, afraid of light, afraid of wind, chattering, restless, cold, eyes often widen. It is sometimes mistaken for a mental disorder. Symptoms include difficulty swallowing, drooling, muscle spasms, chest tightness, shortness of breath, possibly convulsions, paralysis, loss of consciousness, and eventually death. If people are bitten by a dog or cat Hurry up to get vaccinated against rabies as soon as possible. Even if the wound is small or if you have recently received a COVID-19 vaccination or if you have an appointment to receive a vaccination against COVID-19, you can get the rabies vaccination immediately. Don’t wait a second People don’t have to worry at all. Must have a full set of rabies vaccinations. and according to the appointment to be effective Vaccination will prevent death. But if infected with rabies and left. until the infection enters the nervous system until symptoms of illness appear Medicines or vaccines will not cure them. All patients will die.

Dr Opas also said that he had asked the public to bring their dogs to be vaccinated against rabies in animals and asked them to be more careful for themselves and their children not to let the animals scratch. Avoid contact with dogs or cats whose vaccination history is unknown. to reduce the risk of rabies If bitten by a dog or cat or scratched Wash the wound immediately with clean water and soap several times to flush the infection as much as possible from the wound as quickly as possible. Then wipe the wound with antiseptic and rush to the nearest medical facility. To get vaccinated against rabies as soon as possible In addition, if an animal is suspected of having rabies, immediately report it to the livestock authorities for observation and quarantine The method of preventing rabies is not difficult Asking people to bring dogs and cats aged 2 months and over to be vaccinated against rabies. and booster shots every year In the country, the vaccination can be obtained at the local rabies vaccination service for free. and in the Bangkok area Vaccination services are available at 8 locations: 1) Public Health Service Center 23 Si Phraya 2) Public Health Service Center 43 Min Buri 3) Public Health Service Center 21 Wat That Tong 4) Public Health Service Center 24 Bang Khen 5) Public Health Service Center 33 Wat Hong Rattanaram 6) Public Health Service Centers 29 Department, Nuchnet 7) Public Health Service Centers 30 Bangkok Noi and 8) Rabies Control Group Din Daeng Ask for more information at the Department of Disease Control Helpline, call 1422

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