Racially Motivated Shooting Claims Three Lives in Jacksonville, Florida

Shooting at Florida Store Revealed as Racially Motivated Attack

Yesterday afternoon, tragedy struck a Dollar General store in Jacksonville, Florida when a white man opened fire on a group of black customers, resulting in three fatalities. The incident has now been confirmed as a hate crime driven by racial motives.

Gunman’s Disturbing Ideology

Jacksonville Sheriff TK Waters has stated that the shooter, a 20-year-old white male who ultimately took his own life, exhibited a repugnant ideology of hatred towards people of color. Evidence found on the perpetrator’s computer further supports the motive behind this heinous act.

Victims and Suspect Identified

The victims, two men and one woman, tragically lost their lives in this senseless attack. The perpetrator resided in Clay County, Florida, just south of Jacksonville, residing with his parents. Prior to the shooting, the gunman alerted his father via text message to check his computer, leading to the discovery of the disturbing evidence and immediate contact with authorities.

Failed Attempt at a Different Target

Before arriving at the Dollar General store, the shooter had attempted to enter Edward Waters University, a historically black institution. However, his identification was refused, preventing his entrance onto the campus. University officials promptly reported the encounter to local law enforcement.

Investigation and Hate Crime Charges

Preliminary findings suggest that the perpetrator acted alone, donning a tactical vest and mask during the attack. Armed with an AR-15 rifle and a pistol, one of which bore a swastika symbol, he carried out this assault. The FBI’s Jacksonville office has opened a federal civil rights investigation and is committed to prosecuting this as a hate crime.

Mental Health and Firearms

The assailant had a history of mental health issues and had previously been involuntarily detained under the Baker Act. Waters, however, did not delve deeper into this aspect and mentioned that individuals detained under the Baker Act are generally ineligible to purchase firearms.

Potential Connection to Past Tragedy

Authorities have uncovered a message suggesting that the shooter had discussed a previous shooting incident in Jacksonville five years ago, wherein two individuals lost their lives. This discovery raises the possibility that he purposely chose a date for his attack to coincide with the anniversary of that tragic event.

Source: CNN | Image: AFP

A shooting took place in a store in Jacksonville, Florida, where a white man opened fire on a group of black customers. There were 3 deaths.

Yesterday afternoon (26 August) local time another mass shooting took place in the United States, and this time it was confirmed that there was a racial motive.

The incident took place at a Dollar General store in Jacksonville, Florida, when a white man opened fire on a crowd of black customers. As a result, there were 3 deaths in the end.

Jacksonville Sheriff TK Waters said: “This shooting was racially motivated. and he hates people of color.”

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Waters said the gunman, a 20-year-old white man, shot himself dead after the attack. The suspect also left evidence of his intent to commit the crime on his home computer. These are the three statements mentioned. His “disgusting ideology of hatred” and the motive for the attack.

The three victims who died were two men and one woman, all black.

Waters said The gunman lived in Clay County, Florida, south of Jacksonville. with his parents

Waters said The gunman told his father via text message to check his computer. Cause the father to find the above 3 declaration documents and inform the authorities immediately But when the officers were informed of such declarations. Gunmen have already started attacking Dollar General stores.

The scene was located away from Edward Waters University (EWU), a former school for black students. just a few blocks before the incident, the gunman was seen on the school campus. before going to Dollar General without anyone getting hurt on campus.

“He took the opportunity to wear his bulletproof vest outside. and put on a mask And then he went to the store where he committed this heinous act,” Waters said.

Edward Waters University officials said the gunman initially wanted to enter the university. but his identification was refused, making it impossible to enter.

“The person returned to the car and left the campus without incident. The encounter was reported to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office by EWU Security,” according to the university.

Sheriff said of the preliminary investigation It is believed that the gunman acted alone and wore a tactical vest and mask during the attack. He was armed with an AR-15 rifle and a pistol, one of which was white. It also has a swastika attached to it.

“We have opened a federal civil rights investigation. And we will prosecute this as a hate crime,” said Sherry Onks, special agent in charge of the FBI’s Jacksonville office.

Authorities have not officially identified the suspect. but has been in contact with his parents, Waters said.

The perpetrator was said to have been diagnosed with a mental health crisis. and used to be detained under the Baker Act which allows for the involuntary detention of people with a mental health crisis. and can be checked for a maximum of 72 hours

Waters did not elaborate on the case, and said people detained under the Baker Act are generally not eligible to purchase firearms.

Officials said the shooter did not appear to know the victims. So it’s probably a random occurrence. And from the investigation found a message indicating that the shooter talked about shooting the Jacksonville game five years ago where two people were killed, and he may have chosen a date for his shooting to coincide with a birthday the event.

Compiled from CNN

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