Rahul cares; Kavya and Karthika handed over house keys | rahul gandhi | malappuram


Malappuram: The Kavya and Karthika sisters, who lost loved ones and their homes in the Kavalappara tragedy, can now lie down safely. Wayanad MP handed over the keys of the house built for the two. Rahul Gandhi performed. The ceremony was held at Malappuram Collectorate.

Kavya and Karthika lost their mother, grandfather and three sisters in the Kavalappara landslide. They escaped the accident because they were in a college hostel.

Rahul came to know about the plight of Kavya and Karthika when he visited the Kavalappara tragedy. Rahul then instructed them to build a house. Rahul had directed the district Congress leadership to do so.

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