Rahul Gandhis Twitter Account Temporarily Locked After Violation Congress | The Congress has denied that Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter account has been frozen

New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s (Rahul Gandhi) Twitter account (Twitter) Congress says it has been frozen (Congress) Leadership. Tweeted that steps are being taken to restore the account (Tweet) Congress clarified. It will not be a barrier to interacting with the ranks and the people through other social media (Social media) He will interact with everyone, party sources said.

However, the Congress denied the allegations on Twitter. Twitter responded that they were not aware of the freezing of Rahul Gandhi’s account. Official sources close to Twitter said no such incident had taken place. Twitter has made it clear that if a person’s account is frozen or deleted, that account will not be visible to anyone at that global level.

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Rahul Gandhi had visited the parents of a nine-year-old girl who was brutally raped in Delhi yesterday. He also tweeted pictures of it. But the tweet was removed to show that Twitter was against the rules. Following this, Congress sources said that Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter account was frozen on Saturday night.

Rahul Gandhi’s tweet was criticized by many as revealing the identity of the abused girl. The National Commission for Child Rights had sent a notice to Twitter asking that the tweet be removed immediately.

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Rahul Gandhi shared pictures of the girl sitting in the car with her family and comforting them through her account. On Wednesday, Rahul Gandhi visited the girl’s house. Meanwhile, the pictures were taken. Under the POCSO Act, it is an offense to disclose information through the media that helps identify a victim. Police had registered an FIR against Rahul in the incident.

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A nine-year-old girl was raped and killed in Nangal, Delhi. The girl’s body was reportedly cremated without her parents’ consent. The incident took place on Sunday. The girl, who was looking for a water cooler in the cemetery to drink water, later went missing while playing in a field near the cemetery in Nangal. Delhi Police have arrested four people in connection with the incident.

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