Rahul with daughter Priyanka; BJP leader with defamatory remarks – Rahul Gandhi photo with niece | Defamatory tweet

Chennai: A BJP leader shared a picture of Rahul with Priyanka Gandhi’s daughter and made a defamatory comment. Tamil Nadu BJP IT cell chief Nirmal Kumar’s tweet is causing protests now. The leader’s post shared an old picture with Rahul’s niece Miraya Vadra.

The BJP leader’s tweet mocked Bharat Jodo Yatra. In the picture shared with this, he shared a picture of Rahul holding Miraya.

“It is even a sin to think of traveling with Pappu playing with henna in the hands of children.” But with the controversy, he came forward with an explanation that his tweet in Tamil might have been misunderstood. The tweet was also deleted.

English Summary: Old Image Of Rahul Gandhi With His Niece Shared With Misleading Claims

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