Home Tech Railroad company management sim “Let’s go by train A sightseeing plan” Steam version announced, to be released in December. High-definition graphics and expanded fast-forward function –AUTOMATON

Railroad company management sim “Let’s go by train A sightseeing plan” Steam version announced, to be released in December. High-definition graphics and expanded fast-forward function –AUTOMATON

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On October 22nd, Artdink announced the Steam version of “A-Train Hajima Sightseeing Plan”. The release date is December 8th. The Steam store is already open. It is a work that adds new functions to the “A-Train Hajima Sightseeing Plan” released for Nintendo Switch and port it to a PC. Japanese is supported in the game. The price will be 7678 yen.

* Nintendo Switch version trailer

“Let’s go by train A” is the latest work in the “Let’s go by train A” series, which is celebrating its 35th anniversary. This work inherits the genealogy of “Hakoba A-Train” following “Let’s go by A-Train DS” and “Let’s go by A-Train 3D”. The player will become the president of a railway company, perform full-scale company management such as railway management, urban development, bank financing and stock trading, and experience urban development centered on railways. Yuji Himukai, who also works on the illustrations for the “Etrian Odyssey” series, is in charge of the character design for this work.

The theme of “sightseeing” has been added to this work, making it possible to create an evolved city through the development of tourist destinations. Many tourists can be attracted by connecting routes from other towns to tourist spots, such as laying a railroad to the ruins of a castle in the mountains or creating a bus route to a temple. With this new element, it has become possible not only to develop an urban style with traditional buildings, but also to aim for a tourist city with an old and beautiful cityscape that makes use of tourism resources.

The Nintendo Switch version was well received for its fundamental parts, such as the basic game system, new tourism elements, and the realism of seeing the city in 3D. There were many problems when it was first released, but it has been improved by updating. In addition to those, the Steam version seems to have added various new elements.

First of all, the graphics are made high-definition, and the city is expressed with high-resolution textures. Expanded graphic options. Originally, the number of pedestrians, shadows, blooms, etc. could be adjusted, but such options are further enhanced. The maximum number of trains that can be operated and the number of subsidiaries that can be operated has also been increased. The number of buildings that can be built will increase, and the city will become even more three-dimensional due to the distant view and water surface reflection.

In addition, elements such as a stop timer that stops fast-forwarding at any time (date and time) for tax payment and stock dividends, and a direction-designated departure that specifies the direction of departure are also implemented. The degree of freedom of diamonds will also increase. Regarding the operation, it corresponds to the mouse, keyboard, controller, and touch. As for scenarios, in addition to the existing 9 scenarios, 2 completely new scenarios will be added. It is said that there will be a “Find Nussie” scenario where a story of unidentified creatures will be unfolded, and a “Reviving Railroad” scenario set on an island where the railroad has been lost due to the spread of private cars. Of course, you can also create terrain and towns as you like in construction mode, create original scenarios, and share those scenarios with other players online.

In addition, some of the elements added in the Steam version will also be applied to the Nintendo Switch version by the update. The update is scheduled after the release of the Steam version. The Nintendo Switch version of “A-Train Hajimatsu Sightseeing Plan” was designed with a highly addictive game base, but it is also a work with restrictions related to hardware specifications. We hope that the Steam version will unlock the potential of the game by freeing you from those restrictions.

“A-Train Hajima Sightseeing Plan” will be released for Steam on December 8th. The Nintendo Switch version is now on sale.

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